Bear Lake News:

The foundation of government rests on two principles.

Trust in the electoral process and the individuals who run for and win elected or appointed office.

Trust that the actions taken on behalf of that electorate are done in their best interests and with their full knowledge and participation.

To ensure those principles are upheld, laws and rules of practice govern the process of government at federal, state and local government levels.

To enable public access to information the US Bill Of Rights guarantees freedom of speech and the freedom of the press. The ‘Sunshine Laws’ give legal protections to ensure the public’s business is conducted in public via the Open Meetings Act and that all public documents can be requested under the Freedom of Information Act.

In small rural communities such as the Village of Bear Lake public access to information is challenged by sparse media outlets and the advent of social media.

Social media has enabled an explosion of opinion and discussion which is in itself healthy, often productive and protected under the First Amendment. But it can also become a weapon to spread discord and misinformation.

Bear Lake News is not a social media platform. It is an impartial information service.

We are comprised of an editorial review body dedicated to providing a factual account of the who, what, where and when. Village residents and property owners can then make an informed decision. We possess, or seek out, professional expertise to assist in that review process and present it here.

Although we, as individuals, may disagree with an action or a policy it is not the practice here to speculate on motive or make personal criticisms.

All of us have either held public office, participated in the business of government, administration and/or financial management.

We believe all Village residents have a right to equal access and participation in their government even if they can’t physically attend meetings due to work, family or health.

The property owners and residents of the Village of Bear Lake are concerned about, and engaged in, discussions of the future of our home. Serious decisions must be made. Bear Lake News strives to encourage a fair and equitable process that preserves a decent standard of living for both current and future families of the Village of Bear Lake. It is us who will ultimately be paying for whatever comes next.

Privacy Policy and Standard of Ethics

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  • We do not require you to sign in to this media service to read or copy any content.
  • We strive to provide text readable, and searchable, documents as both a courtesy and for the many residents in the Village who have disabilities that require the use of a text reader.
  • We strive to not publish email addresses and will not disclose your private information.
  • Bear Lake News will not publish profanity, comments that cast aspersions, personal diatribes.
  • Regrettably due to threatening comments, we no longer accept questions or comments.
  • Our policy to protect your identity is intended to also protect you from the more unsavory aspects of the anonymity afforded by social media which we have unfortunately experienced first hand.
  • In short this web site is a media outlet never a bully pulpit.