Village of Bear Lake, Manistee, Michigan

Cross Connection Control Program for the Village of Bear Lake.

I.  Introduction
In accordance with the requirements set forth by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the Village of Bear Lake has officially adopted the state of Michigan cross connection control rules to protect the Village’s public water supply system. “Cross Connection” is defined as a connection or arrangement of piping or appurtenances through which backflow could occur. “Backflow” means water of questionable quality, waste, or other contaminants entering a public water supply due to a reversal of flow. The cross connection control program will take effect immediately upon approval of the DEQ.

II.  Local Ordinance
The authority to carry out and enforce a local cross connection control program will be in accordance with the Village of Bear Lake’s ordinance # 2001-2, a copy of which is included in the program.

III.  Local Inspection
The water superintendent and/or his designated agent shall be responsible for making the initial cross connection inspections and re-inspections to check to check for the presence of cross connections with the municipal water supply system. Individuals responsible for carrying the cross connection inspections and re-inspections shall have obtained necessary training through any available manuals on cross connection prevention, including the Cross Connection Rules Manual as published by the DEQ and attendance of any cross connection training sessions sponsored by the DEQ or other recognized agencies.

IV.  The Schedule for inspections shall be in accordance with the following general outline:
Known or suspected secondary water supply cross connections shall be inspected first (surface water, private wells and storage tanks, recirculated water, etc.)
Known or suspected submerged inlet cross connections will be inspected next.
All suspected high hazard establishments, including all industrial, commercial and municipal buildings will be inspected first, typically within 6 months following the approval of this program. All other buildings and water system connections, including residential accounts, shall be inspected in a logical sequence as time permits.

V.  Schedule for Re-inspection
In order to ensure against the hazards of cross connections, it will be necessary to periodically and systematically re-inspect for the presence of cross connections. The schedule for re-inspection shall be in accordance with the schedule as noted in the Cross Connections Rules Manual. Whenever it is suspected or known that modifications have taken place with piping systems serving a particular water customer, re-inspections of the premises will be made.

VI.  Protective Devices
The methods to protect against hazards of cross connections as outlined in the Cross Connection Rules Manual will be incorporated into the Bear Lake Village cross connection control program.

VII.  Compliance Time
The time allowed for correction or elimination of any cross connection found shall be as follows:
Cross connections which pose an imminent and extreme hazard shall be disconnected immediately and so maintained until necessary protective devises or modifications are made.
Other cross connections which do not pose an extreme hazard to the water supply system should be corrected as soon as possible. The length of time allowed for correction should be reasonable and may vary depending on the type of device necessary for protection. The water utility shall indicate to each customer the time period allowed for compliance.

VIII.  All testable backflow prevention assemblies shall be tested at the time of installation or relocation and after any repair. In addition, all high hazard and reduced pressure principle backflow preventers shall be tested annually. All other assemblies shall be tested at least once every three years. Records of test results shall be maintained by the water utility. Only individuals that hold a valid Michigan Plumbing License and have successfully passed an approved backflow testing class shall perform such testing. Each tester shall also be approved by the (Village of Bear Lake). Individual(s) performing assembly testing shall certify the results of his/her testing.

IX.  The water utility shall maintain sufficient and accurate records of its local cross connection control program and report annually on the status of the program to the DEQ on a form provided by the department.

X.  This Ordinance replaces Cross Connection Ordinance 2001-2 effective March 21, 2012.

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