Village of Bear Lake: New Water Ordinance approved.

At the September 19, 2018 Village Council meeting the Council approved a revised Water Ordinance September 2018 passed with corrections (Click on link to download the PDF) Bear Lake News notes that the revision was discussed at several prior meetings, a copy of those drafts was requested and not provided. A copy of this document was… Read More


Village of Bear Lake: September 2018 DRAFT Minutes

Unapproved Sept 19 2018 minutes – these Minutes were approved with minor spelling corrections at the October 2018 Council Meeting The following were received and are posted here as OCR text. Several items in the Minutes will be addressed as stand alone items. VILLAGE OF BEAR LAKE COUNCIL 12376 Virginia Street Bear Lake Village Hall… Read More

DRAFT Village of Bear Lake Water Ordinance

As the Village of Bear Lake has now committed to a $1.43m loan toward construction of 2 new drinking water wells plus extensive construction on the water distribution system (which includes for the first time water meters) – it has been considering changes to the existing Water Ordinances. https://bearlakemichigan49614.com/ordinances/ordinance-no-2001-01/ https://bearlakemichigan49614.com/ordinances/ordinance-no-2001-2/ https://bearlakemichigan49614.com/ordinances/ordinance-2012-1/ https://bearlakemichigan49614.com/ordinances/ordinance-no-2003-04/ https://bearlakemichigan49614.com/ordinances/ordinance-2015-2-prohibition-of-use-of-groundwater/ This DRAFT… Read More