Two Lakes Sewer Authority – update

At the July, 2017 Village Council Meeting the following Resolution was passed. articles_of_incorporation_two_lake_june_2017 The Two Lakes Sewer Authority has been formed under Municipal Sewage and Water Supply Systems Act 233 of 1955 – to read the narrative of PA 233 click on this link from the State of Michigan. And for the rights of affected… Read More

Two Lakes Sewer Authority to be discussed

Agenda Item for the Village of Bear Lake Regular Meeting, 7pm, Wednesday July 19, 2017 [Arcadia Township has withdrawn from the Three Lakes Sewer Authority] Village of Bear Lake Resolution to ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION 07 06 17 VILLAGE OF BEAR LAKE MANISTEE COUNTY RESOLUTION NO. ___________ A RESOLUTION ADOPTING THE ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION OF THE… Read More

Village of Bear Lake – DRAFT Agenda Wednesday April 19

The following was received from the Village Clerk. Bear Lake News submitted the following request: “Please note there are 2 items of Correspondence not listed in the April Agenda which will be forwarded for your attention again should you not be able to locate the original.  a) Confirmation from Manistee County Planner to correct the… Read More

AGENDA: Village of Bear Lake Council Meeting. March 15, 2017 7:00 p.m

No response was received to a request for reasonable accommodation for those who are unable to attend due to employment, disability, infirmity by speakerphone. AGENDA Village of Bear Lake Council Meeting March 15, 2017 7:00 p.m. – Village Hall CALL TO ORDER and PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ROLL CALL ADOPTION of AGENDA Additions: PUBLIC COMMENT: Any… Read More

EPA Webinar on New Model My Watershed Tool

EPA’s Watershed Academy will host a webinar on its new online “Model My Watershed” tool on Thursday, March 9 from 1:00pm to 3:00pm (eastern). The tool allows users to model and run scenarios for stormwater runoff and water quality impacts.  During the webinar, presenters will provide an overview and a demonstration of the tool, and highlight how it… Read More


It is regrettable that the following is not available on the Village of Bear Lake web site or Bear Lake Township at LOCAL GOVERNMENTS CONSIDER NEXT PHASE OF MUNICIPAL SEWER PROJECT MANISTEE COUNTY, MICHIGAN — Five local units of government are considering participating in an initial stage of a municipal sewer project aimed… Read More