Letter to the Village of Bear Lake Council

From: Jeanne Walsh Date: August 14, 2018 at 3:34:15 PM EDT To: “Cindi McPherson, Clerk” <bearlakeclerk@gmail.com> Cc: jeffbair4@gmail.com Subject: Public Comment on Draft Minutes from July Village Council [the Village does not publish Draft Minutes until they are approved – through a FOIA Subscription Bear Lake News receives a copy usually within the 8 business days required under the Michigan… Read More


Outside ‘the box’ Bear Lake: Managing run off stormwater

Let it grow! The simple answer to avoiding mass street run off, carrying with it silt and pollutants, is to encourage roadside run off and storm water catchment planting buffers. Often referred to as simply ‘rain gardens’ curb-side plantings serve an invaluable purpose – much like using a filter in your coffee maker. The myth… Read More

Request for reasonable accommodation under Village of Bear Lake Title VI Policy

May 30, 2017: Request for Equal Access under: Village of Bear Lake Title VI Non Discrimination Policy. And  Michigan Open Meetings Act (OMA) of 1976. Public Act 267, MCL 15.261 through 15.275 By virtue of the adoption, at Village of Bear Lake Council REGULAR MEETING on November 16, 2016: “Adoption of Title VI Plan – Revisited tabled document from October… Read More

Regulating Medical Marijuana Facilities: A Workshop for Local Government

Michigan State University Extension and the Land Policy Institute recently collaborated to deliver training to more than 800 people on the Medical Marihuana Facilities Licensing Act passed in 2016. The training targeted local units of government to explain their options under the new laws. In addition to conducting a webinar training, the “Regulating Medical Marijuana Facilities:… Read More

Within an inch of disaster ….

http://news.pioneergroup.com/manisteenews/2016/07/28/vandals-damage-main-gas-line-bear-lake-school/ The purpose of this site is usually to present news, factual documents without opinion or editorials. However, a little before 3am on the morning of Wednesday July 27, 2016 an incident occurred which constitutes a grave threat to human life in the Village of Bear Lake. 2-3 individuals took a heavy implement and broke off… Read More

JOB DESCRIPTION Blight Enforcement Officer

[This item may be discussed at Wednesday July 20 Village Council Meeting] Village of Bear Lake JOB DESCRIPTION Blight Enforcement Officer Reports to: Blight Committee Chair, Village President, Village Council Overview: The Blight Enforcement Officer is the chief enforcement officer for the Village Blight Ordinance. Duties: Monitor and enforce Village of Bear Lake’s Blight Ordinance… Read More

Village Council meets 7pm June 15, 2016

2016-2017 Budget spreadsheet Michigan Department of Treasury Village Audit Filings. The Village has received a letter of non compliance for filing the FY2014-15 Audit more 6 months past due. May 25, 2016: Thank you for submitting a qualifying statement for Bear Lake Village to the Michigan Department of Treasury on May 24, 2016. Based upon… Read More

Village of Bear Lake – March 2016 Draft Minutes

The Village Clerk has supplied the draft March 2016 Minutes – viewable here. Two items prompted further enquiry. 1. “corrections to the Approved FY2016-17 Budget”  – a request has been made to receive updated Approved FY2016-17 Budget documents as part of an ongoing FOIA request. 2. Water: Meeting with USDA rep & Fleis & VanderBrink to… Read More