Across the U.S., there is a need for more businesses that successfully manage decentralized systems. Decentralized systems are increasing in prevalence as an option that delivers sound economic, social and environmental outcomes, if effectively managed. The resources below provide guidance for successfully establishing and running organizations that manage decentralized wastewater systems — Responsible Management Entities, or “RMEs.” (See Fact Sheet 1 for… Read More


Outside ‘the box’ Bear Lake: Managing run off stormwater

Let it grow! The simple answer to avoiding mass street run off, carrying with it silt and pollutants, is to encourage roadside run off and storm water catchment planting buffers. Often referred to as simply ‘rain gardens’ curb-side plantings serve an invaluable purpose – much like using a filter in your coffee maker. The myth… Read More

Outside ‘the box’ Bear Lake – veterans housing

Sustainable, affordable, P3 (Public Private Partnership) projects have long been discussed by a consortium of local residents who have a vested interest and the expertise to offer alternative options for the Village of Bear Lake. Their efforts created the following alternative scenario for a viable Downtown without crippling the current 200+ residents with long term… Read More