Village of Bear Lake DRAFT December 2017 Minutes

As previously noted – following events concerning private individuals – Bear Lake News, on their behalf, submitted a formal FOIA to receive meeting notices and documents in advance of all meetings. The prior post can be read here. The Draft December 2017 Minutes were again requested on January 8, 2018 – 16 business days after… Read More

October 2017 Village Council DRAFT Minutes

The following were received on October 30 Unapproved October 18, 2017 Minutes.pdf The Agenda was received on November 3. The October Minutes were approved without corrections on November 15. Approved October 18, 2017 minutes The Village does not post it’s draft Minutes or any documents associated with them either in draft form or with the… Read More

Village of Bear Lake August 23, 2017 Special Meeting Minutes

On the guidance of Michigan Attorney General: Open Meetings Act (OMA)  1976 PA 267, MCL 15.261 through 15.275.    Using e-mail to distribute handouts, agenda items, statistical information, or other such material during an open meeting should be permissible under the OMA, particularly when copies of that information are also made available to the public before… Read More

Village of Bear Lake: DRAFT March Regular Minutes and Approved Special Minutes

The Village no longer records meetings. As a service for those unable to attend, volunteers supply recordings as permitted under the Open Meetings Act.  As no volunteer was available in March, Bear Lake News requested the Village provide the same telephone number for a public access conference bridge to listen to this meeting as was… Read More

December 2016 Village Council Meeting

The Approved November 2016 Council Minutes have been published. A request was made to list the noted FY2016-17 Budget Amendments and the amount of Christmas bonus’s. Neither were included. [“Motion made to accept recommended amendments to budget by Johnson and seconded by Bass. Motion carried. Aye: Edwards, Johnson, Bass, Ronning and Bair Nay: none Abstained:… Read More