How to set water rates

The Alliance For Water Efficiency provides many tools for small communities to set fair and fiscally sound water rates as well as include sensible water conservation measures. Rates and Water Conservation: What You Need to Know This webinar showcases the recent Alliance for Water Efficiency and California Water Efficiency Partnership report that evaluated the impact… Read More


Village of Bear Lake: New Water Ordinance approved.

At the September 19, 2018 Village Council meeting the Council approved a revised Water Ordinance September 2018 passed with corrections (Click on link to download the PDF) Bear Lake News notes that the revision was discussed at several prior meetings, a copy of those drafts was requested and not provided. A copy of this document was… Read More

Evaluating lead/copper issues during water system construction

BearLakeNews suggests all Village residents receive hand delivered notification of the need to continue monitoring and line flushing during construction work. The number of lead (i.e Pb the metal – not ‘lead’ pronounced ‘lead’) service lines and/or connective brass fittings and fixtures is unknown within the Village water system and older village properties. Confusion arises… Read More

Village of Bear Lake: Water System Updates

A number of subscribers have asked who to contact to complain about the following: behavior of meter installers speeding construction vehicles lack of signage or safety barriers lack of information of which streets are closed or restricted. The Village has declined to provide this information on its own web site. To contact Fleis Vandenbrink, Ken… Read More

Village of Bear Lake – Water System updates

A number of subscribers have been asking where to find up to date information on the daily work schedules for the Village of Bear Lake water system construction progress. The Village web site has minimal information. http://www.bearlakemichigan.org/ ATTENTION BEAR LAKE VILLAGE RESIDENTS… STREET WORK FOR THE WATER WELL PROJECT IS BEGINNING! On Friday, June 8, asphalt grinding… Read More

State of Michigan proposed revised lead/copper rule

http://michiganradio.org/post/mdeq-releases-watered-down-lead-and-copper-standard May 11, 2018: “The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality updated its proposed lead and copper rule to allow utilities more flexibility in scheduling replacement of lead service lines. It also increased the lead action level from the original 10 parts per billion to 12 ppb. The federal action level is 15. Under the initial… Read More

May 14, 2018. Village of Bear Lake Special Meeting

There has been no explanation of why a stand alone Motion was required to allow the Village President and Clerk to sign contracts for the water system. The following is contained in the 2 Resolutions passed in February. Water Revenue RES Bond Authorizing Resolution feb 27 2018 Loan Resolution Feb 27 2018 “(d) “Authorized Officer,”… Read More