Village of Bear Lake – Water System updates

A number of subscribers have been asking where to find up to date information on the daily work schedules for the Village of Bear Lake water system construction progress.

The Village web site has minimal information. http://www.bearlakemichigan.org/



On Friday, June 8, asphalt grinding will start on the following streets listed below.

Virginia Street
Cody Street
Euclid Street
Locust Street

They will bury the pipe on Monday, June 11.  
Except work on the above streets for the next month.  No weekend work.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

As it has become increasingly difficult to navigate with multiple construction sites on multiple streets, Bear Lake News offered to publish a point of contact. We were told not to contact the Project Manager and directed to forward all questions to the Village President. No information is available for the Construction Site Manager.

However – the awarded contracts specify the hours a resident can be impeded from accessing or being able to leave their property.

On Saturday the following Notice was taped to the Bear Lake Post Office window. [Click on the image to view a full size version]

We do not know who posted this notice but on Thursday the revised State of Michigan Lead/Copper Rule went into effect.

Additional notices were apparently placed at the Bear Lake Post Office alerting property owners that workers may be asking to enter their property to assess plumbing and install water meters. No notice is currently available at http://www.bearlakemichigan.org/progress-for-water-well-project-in-the-villlage.html but the Bid Packages are referenced there.

It is unclear if the Village now intends to take ownership of, and commence replacement of, older ‘lead’ [pronounced leed] lines – i.e the line from the mains water that enters a home or business – as part of the water system upgrade.

A review of the past lead/copper rule can be seen here.

In 2015 the Village had a 14.5 ppb lead assessment as part of the MDEQ mandatory water testing for a public supply. This was adjudged to be an averaging out of a high (24ppb) sample from 5 taken at Village homes. The cause was older lines and fittings.

Which explains why the current Notice is posted as the disturbance of lead in older lines and seals can occur during construction.

It is to be hoped that a more in depth notice, time table and contact numbers will be mailed to each Village property owner as many do not get their mail directly at the Post Office.

It should also be possible for Village water customers to request a lead testing kit if they are unsure of the condition of their lead lines, seals and domestic fittings.

Although the incident occurred in 2015, the Village is not required to test for lead again until this year [3 year cycle]

Problematic for older homes is the preferred sampling method which calls for running water to simulate ‘normal’ use before catching a sample.

Many people do not run their water for the recommended time first thing in the morning.

Now is the time to get your water tested and check all fixtures for the Safe Drinking Water Act ‘Lead Free’ label.

If you need to contact any Village official for information the following information is listed by Manistee County:

Village Offices:P.O. Box 175 Bear Lake, MI 49614
TELEPHONE 231-970-2066
Fax: 231-864-4300

Jeffrey Bair. President 231-970-2066 jeffbair4@gmail.com

Cindi McPherson Clerk 231-970-2066 bearlakeclerk@gmail.com

Sally King Treasurer 231-970-2066 bearlaketreasurer@gmail.com

Jacqueline Johnson Trustee 231-864-5030

Greg McPherson Trustee 231-970-2066

Ron Ronning Trustee 231-864-3656

[Note 2 Trustees were replaced mid term and their replacement’s contact information is not available for Andrea Ware or Marla Evans]

As previously noted the Village has not, to date, published an updated Water Ordinance. Bear Lake News has requested a current draft.


State of Michigan proposed revised lead/copper rule


May 11, 2018:

“The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality updated its proposed lead and copper rule to allow utilities more flexibility in scheduling replacement of lead service lines. It also increased the lead action level from the original 10 parts per billion to 12 ppb. The federal action level is 15.

Under the initial proposal, lead service line replacement would be based on water testing results, and utilities would be required to replace those lines within 20 years. The revised rule requires replacement of all lead service lines regardless of tested lead levels, but allows utilities to incorporate the work into their regular maintenace schedules.

Randy Roost, principal planner of Water Operations for the Lansing Board of Water and Light, says that this allows utilities to take advantage of cost efficiencies, particularly when it comes to replacing lead lines to private homes.

However, the new proposed rule doesn’t resolve confusion over who will pay to replace those privately owned lines. “The only mechanism we have for generating revenues to pay for that is through our rates, which means some customers are paying for another customer’s lead service line replacement,” says Roost.

According to Roost, public funds can’t be used to pay for private infrastructure.”


May 14, 2018. Village of Bear Lake Special Meeting

There has been no explanation of why a stand alone Motion was required to allow the Village President and Clerk to sign contracts for the water system.

The following is contained in the 2 Resolutions passed in February.

Water Revenue RES Bond Authorizing Resolution feb 27 2018

Loan Resolution Feb 27 2018

“(d) “Authorized Officer,” means the President, the Clerk and the Treasurer of the Village, or any one or more of them acting alone or together.

Section 11. AUTHORIZED OFFICER. The Authorized Officer is hereby designated, for and on behalf of the Village, to do all acts and to take all necessary steps required to effectuate the sale, issuance and delivery of the Series 2018 Bonds”

and “17. To accept a grant in an amount not to exceed $2,547,000 under the terms offered by the Government; that the and of the Association are hereby authorized and empowered to take all action necessary or appropriate in the execution of all written instruments as may be required in regard to or as evidence of such grant; and to operate the facility under the terms offered in said grant agreement(s).

The initial publication of the Bond Resolution in March had information missing. The scheduled signing of the Bond documents took place on May 15 at 9am.

Village of Bear Lake: March 28, 2018 DRAFT Minutes

The following were received on April 5, 2018.
Unapproved Minutes March 28 2018 Reg meeting

Village of Bear Lake Council
REGULAR MEETING. March 28, 2018
Bear Lake Village Hall

Unapproved Minutes

The regular meeting of the Bear Lake Village Council was called to order by President Jeff Bair at 7:08 p.m. at the Village Hall. Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Present: President: Jeff Bair Council: Peggy Bass, Marla Evans, Jackie Johnson, Greg McPherson, Ron Ronning & Andrea Ware
Treasurer: Sally King, Clerk: Cindi McPherson, Staff: Jared Bair and Larry Gibson
Absent: None
Guests: Five (5) guests

Motion to Adopt the Agenda with additions by Evans and seconded by McPherson, motion carried.
Ayes: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nays: none
Absent: Johnson

Additions: Under Water: motion for 1 or 2 new bank accounts for Water System Project & DPW Building. Planning Commission: Natalie Ware introduction

Public Comment:

  • None

Correspondence: Read by clerk:

  • Letter from Curtis VanderWall, Michigan House of Representative, stated Village of Bear Lake will receive $2,818.60 for road repairs & improvements. Money comes from passed House Bill 4321, Michigan Legislature. No money received at this time.
  • Letter from Manistee County, Jim Espvik, Manistee County 911 Director, stating; Manistee County Board of Commissioners is expected to adopt a resolution to amend & reinstate 911 Service Plan. It is out of date and no longer in compliance with state law.


Motion to accept the minutes from February 21, 2018 Public Hearing Proposed Budget 2018-2019 by Bass, seconded by Ronning. Motion Carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: None
Absent: None

Motion to accept the minutes with corrections from February 21, 2018 Regular Monthly Meeting by Bass, seconded by Evans. Motion Carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: None
Absent: None
Corrections: spelling corrections noted.

Motion to accept the minutes from February 28, 2018 Public Hearing, Water System Improvement Project by Evans, seconded by McPherson. Motion Carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: None
Absent: None

  • Maintenance Report: Verbal report was given by Jared Bair. Painting of public restrooms/showers for campers. New picnic tables for the camp grounds were purchased from Bear Lake Hardware. New fire rings will be purchased from Saddle Up. May need new ceiling fan for the ladies shower area.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Reviewed by King. Written report on file in the 2018 Minutes binder.

February 28, 2018 Fund Balances:
General checking/savings total 74,680.39
Water checking only 49,819.61
Money Market Checking 10,081.87
Park checking/savings total 22,399.43
Park CD#2 33,149.40
Major Street checking/savings total 27,835.70
Minor Street checking/savings total 8,530.81
Equipment Fund checking/savings total 7,295.93

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented by McPherson seconded by Bass, motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: none
Absent: none

A motion was made to approve amendments as listed below to the 2018-2019 budget by Evans, seconded by Bass. Motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nays: None
Absent: None

General Increase Professional Services to $3,000

$3,000 from Utilities

Water Increase Interest Expense to $1,000

Increase Insurance to $1,500

Increase License & Fees to $1,000

Park Increase Insurance to $1,128

$328 from Utilities

Major Increase Insurance to $1,154

$54 from Office Supplies

Minor Increased Insurance to $1,154

$54 from Miscellaneous

Bills to be paid presented by Treasurer. List on file in 2018 Minutes folder.

Motion to pay the bills by Ronning, seconded by McPherson. Motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: none
Absent: none

February Reimbursements to the General Fund were read by President Bair.

  • Wages to General Fund: $4,088.00
  • Equipment Rental to General Fund: $7,949.42

Committee Chair Reports:

o Park Report: Verbal report by Park Manager. Report on file in March Minutes

Motion to sign a resolution to submit application to the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Funds for development of a Universally Accessible Canoe/Kayak Launch, Floating Dock, Fishing Pier and other amenities at Hopkins Park by McPherson, seconded by Ronning. Motion Carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: None
Absent: None
Motion to sign the Grant Agreement Concerning the Michigan Natural Resources
Trust Fund Grant Entitled “Hopkins Park Development” by McPherson, seconded
by Evans. Motion Carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: None
Absent: None

[A copy of the UNAPPROVED Public Hearing Minutes were received on April 5 – a request for clarification on whether this is no longer a joint Village/Township of Bear Lake project has not been answered. Unapproved Public Hearing Kayak Canoe Lauch March 28 2018 pdf – note BLN posts as received we do not edit spelling]

Streets, Trees, Signs, Lights, Sidewalks: No report


  • o Ken Mlcek from Fleis & VanderBrink gave update on Water System Improvement Project, The Village has reviewed bids received for the Village of Bear Lake USDA Water System Improvements Project and contracts have been awarded to the selected contractors. The Village is working with USDA on a few final details that are needed before construction can start. It is anticipated that construction will start in late spring and last throughout the summer and into the early fall.
  • o Water Ordinance is tabled until April for further review, appointed committee of Bair, Johnson & Evans.

Motion to sign a Grant of Easement to access the Cell Tower by Ronning, seconded by McPherson. Motion Carried.

Grant of Easement Mrch 2018 [pdf]

Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: None
Absent: None

Motion to authorize Jeff Bair, village president and Cindi McPherson, village clerk to sign the Grant of Easement to access the Cell Tower by Ronning, seconded by McPherson. Motion Carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: None
Absent: None

  • o Award from USDA for the new DPW building.

    Motion to sign the Resolution to Purchase, Acquire and Construct Capital Improvements and to Publish Notice of Intent to Issue Municipal Securities by McPherson, seconded by Ronning. Motion Carried.
    Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
    Nay: None
    Absent: None

  • [Editor’s Note: no amount is listed in the Minutes. A request to receive the Notice of Intent and the Resolution has not been answered. A request for the following to be published on the Village web site has not been answered. In light of the right to petition for a referendum vote on this – a subscriber has forwarded the following notice, published once in the Manistee News Advocate on April 2, 2018.]
  • Motion to authorize treasurer to open additional dedicated bank accounts for the payment & repayment of funds for construction, DPW building & USDA projects as needed by Evans, seconded by McPherson. Motion Carried.
    Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
    Nay: None
    Absent: None


    CABA: No report.

    BLIGHT: Blight Officer verbal report by Gibson.

    Attempted to make contact with 12328 Virginia Street property owner on property status, sending letter out.

    Received complaint on condition of 7620 Stuart Street property, made informal contact. They are in process of fixing up the house. Shed collapsed due to weight of snow, advised to clean up yard.

    Gibson reported the Manistee County Magistrate has community service workers to help out for Bear Lake Community Clean-up Day.

    County Commissioner Report: Pauline Jaquish verbally reported August ballot will have .100 mills for 2019-2023, it will generate $110.000+. C.R.A.S.E., active shooter training by Manistee Sheriff has been positive. GREEN Team was awarded a $8000 grant for pick-up of old tires. Opioid Epidemic, there will be a movie regarding this at the Tribal Government Center April 4, 2018 at 7pm; How this has affected lives. There are RED Boxes around Manistee for individuals to drop old drugs. Pauline has been re-appointed to the Drug Abuse Victims group.

    Manistee County Trail Committee Report: McPherson reported trail committee has changed their name to SMARTrails, Sensational Manistee Area Recreation Trails. $300,000 grant in process for the M-55 bridge by Meijer, M-55 and US-31. A committee is working to add a multi-use trail on the bridge. Reconstruction is estimated for 2020.

    Bear Lake Improvement Board: McPherson reported no report, no meeting.

    Two Lakes Sewer Collaborative: McPherson reported no report, no meeting

    Planning Commission: Clerk McPherson read Planning Commission 2017 Annual report. On file in 2018 Minutes binder. 2017 Annual Report Plann Comm [pdf]

    Introduction of Natalie Ware as a potential member of the Planning Commission.

    Motion to appoint Natalie Ware to the Planning Commission was made by Bass, seconded by Ronning. Motion Carried.
    Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
    Nay: None
    Absent: None

    Ad Hoc – Policy, Resolution & Ordinance Committee –Clerk McPherson reported Julie Evans is our volunteer student to help with organization of policy, ordinance & resolution books.


    Clerk & Treasurer Appointment: Language for the August ballot has been prepared.

    Community Clean-up Day – The dumpster has been scheduled and notices will go out in April water bills.


    • Computer Service – Inacomp will be servicing the village computers. Requesting an additional computer to act as a server and additional QuickBooks for clerk’s computer. All items will come under Water System Improvement Project as required for billing.

    Motion to approve computer & Quick Books upgrade through the water system project by Evans, seconded by McPherson. Motion Carried.
    Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
    Nay: None
    Absent: None




    • Easter Egg Hunt on Saturday sponsored by Bear Lake Promoters.

    Meeting adjourned at 8:28 p.m.
    Respectfully Submitted,
    Cindi McPherson, Clerk

Village of Bear Lake: Special Meeting. 7 PM Tuesday February 27, 2018

Proposed Agenda


And additional items
February 27, 2018
7pm at the Village Office
12376 Virginia Street
Bear Lake, MI

Call to order and pledge
Roll call
Adoption of agenda
Public comment: (2 minute per person for discussion)
 Water System Improvement Project
o Award construction contracts
o Execute a Loan Resolution Loan Resolution Feb 27 2018
o Execute a Bond Resolution Water Revenue RES Bond Authorizing Resolution feb 27 2018

C1 As-Read Bid Tab Feb 2018

C2 As-Read Bid Tab Feb 2018

 Resignation letter of Cynthia McPherson as Planning Commission secretary
 Water Ordinance
 Maintenance manager
 FY 2017-2018 Budget Amendment
Public Comment: 2minutes per person for discussion)


Requesting information concerning the proposed Water Improvement Project

On Tue, Jul 18, 2017 at 4:24 PM, Trudgeon, Sonya – RD, East Lansing, MI <sonya.trudgeon@mi.usda.gov>wrote:

July 18, 2017

TO:                        Mr. Vern Best

Dear Mr. Best:

This is to update you on the status of your Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request that was received in our office on June 22, 2017.  In accordance with Executive Order 12600, Rural Development is required to notify the submitters of commercial and financial information when it receives a FOIA Request for records that have been submitted to the Government.  In this case, the Village of Bear Lake.  The Village of Bear Lake is currently reviewing the information from the USDA Rural Development.

The USDA, Rural Development, considered your request for a fee waiver.  In your email of June 28, 2017, you requested a fee waiver stating that you are a disabled Vietnam veteran living on social security.  The FOIA allows fees to be waived or reduced if disclosure of the information is deemed to be in the public interest because it is likely to contribute significantly to the public understanding of the operations or activities of the Government, and is not primarily in the commercial interest of the requester.  The Government in this context is referring to the Federal Government.  The disclosure of documents you have requested regarding Village of Bear Lake does not contribute significantly to the understanding of the Federal Government.

Please understand a significant amount of search time and the amount of paper records involved in your request.  The USDA, Rural Development, was just the financial institution for the loans/grants, and the number of pages we find responsive to your request are currently at approximately 895 pages.  The fee that can be access to this request, for the records/pages, is at $0.20 per page.  In addition, the Loan Specialists that have done the research to locate the records have spent approximately 2 hours.  The fee that can be accessed to this request, for search time, is the employee wages plus 16% times the number of hours.  Before we are able to process this request any further, please advise if you are willing to pay the amount.  Your payment will be required before the records can be released.

Failure to receive an response regarding the fees within a reasonable timeframe will be construed as a willingness to pay the fees that will be accessed on this FOIA request.  If you have any questions please feel free to contact me only and directly at Sonya.Trudgeon@mi.usda.gov or via telephone at 517-324-5193.

Sonya K. Trudgeon

Management Control Officer | FOIA Coordinator

July 20:

Good morning Ms. Trudgeon,
obviously none of us can afford the proposed FOIA fees.

It is highly unfortunate that so little information on this major expenditure has been shared with Village residents and property owners.
Therefore we amend our FOIA request.
Under Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), Electronic Freedom of Information Act Amendments of 1996 (E-FOIA) and USDA regulations (7 Coded of Federal Regulations, Part 1, Subpart A) 
Request for electronic copies of documents relating to Village of Bear Lake proposed water system improvement project.
1. We are requesting a copy of the official letter guaranteeing a grant/loan has been awarded in FY2017-18
2. We are requesting USDA RD listing of where the Village of Bear Lake Water System upgrade fall in the Preferred Priority List for Michigan.
3. As the Village states that engineering plans have been approved, we request a copy of the official letter stating that.
Vern Best, Tim Burke, Daniel Heiss, Jeanne Walsh, Alan Swanson, Janene Gee

July 26, 2017

TO:                        Mr. Vern Best

Dear Mr. Best:

This is in response to your revised FOIA request that was received by this office on July 20, 2017, in which you revised your request to the following:  Request for electronic copies of documents relating to Village of Bear Lake proposed water system improvement project and the Village of Bear Lake proposed purchase of a snow plow.

  1. Requesting a copy of the official letter guaranteeing a grant/loan has been awarded in FY2017-2018
  2. Requesting USDA RD listing of where the Village of Bear Lake water system upgrade fall in the preferred priority list for Michigan
  3. Request a copy of the official letter stating that the engineering plans have been approved

Please see the attached response letter to this request.  The response letter closes the revised FOIA request 2017-RD-05215-F.

REVISED FOIA Request Response Letter


July 27:

Good morning Ms. Trudgeon,

On behalf of all the Village residents who are requesting this information thank you.
We are also cc’ing Mr. Smith on this reply.
1. Our request to know if funding has been guaranteed in this fiscal year relates not to the snow plow application but to the proposed water project for the Village of Bear Lake as you had previously stated there were almost 900 pages concerning current communication between USDA, Fleis & Vandenbrink and the Village of Bear Lake. Again we would like to express our concern at the lack of substantive information given to Village residents.
2. Does USDA no longer publish a Preferred Project List, showing the points awarded in descending order for water and sewer applications?
3. If there have been changes to the scope and plans for this proposed water system project which will/may affect final costs where can we obtain that information to share with Village residents and property owners? I trust you would agree this is public information?
4. Also we would like to emphasize again that we have received a written confirmation from the Village of Bear Lake Clerk we will receive immediate notification of the publication of the bid package and information of how to access the proposed bid documents to review . Again we trust you will agree this is public information?
5. Funds for the Village of Bear Lake water system project may have been obligated in 2016 but obviously we are now in a different fiscal year and a different political and financial climate. As property owners we are merely trying to get information of the exact cost and what will happen should the bids come back in excess of the actual USDA funds that are available – particularly in the form of grant.
Vern Best
cc: J Walsh, L Vission, T Burke, D Heiss, A Swanson, J Gee, Bear Lake News

August 2, 2017

TO:                        Mr. Vern Best

Dear Mr. Best:

Attached is a response letter and any records responsive to your revised FOIA request that is below.  As stated in the attached letter, FOIA Request 2017-RD-05212-F is considered closed.  Any additional FOIA requests received will be considered a new FOIA request, a new time frame will be used, and a new FOIA request number will be assigned.

Sonya K. Trudgeon

REVISED FOIA Request Response Letter (2)

Bid package schedule for Village of Bear Lake Water Project

Bid package schedule for Village of Bear Lake Water Project

On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 10:04 AM, Bear Lake News:

Good morning Ms McPherson,

please confirm receipt?

On Mon, Mar 20, 2017 at 1:28 PM, Bear Lake News:

Please accept this email as an official request for the URL of the Proposed Village of Bear Lake Water System Bid Packet and also the schedule for submission, review and date of awards.

Bear Lake News.

 This is a confirmation I have received your email.

Cindi McPherson, Clerk

Here is the estimated time line for the Water System Improvements Project: 

Current – Full governmental reviews, permits, and approvals.

April/May 2017 – Advertise project for bids 

June 2017 – Open bids and award contracts 

July 2017 – Begin construction 

November 2017 – Anticipated completion of watermain work.  Wells and well house work will likely extend into winter 2018.

Cindi McPherson, Clerk

Village of Bear Lake

P. 231.970.2066

E: bearlakeclerk@gmail.com

It should be noted the project as proposed includes 158 water meters at a projected cost of $213k.

Once the Bid package is available for review it will be posted here.

For previous information: See this prior pos



 And public meeting recording. http://wp.me/ppyDN-kwT

Proposed Village of Bear Lake FY2017-18 Operating Budget


The Village of Bear Lake Village Council will be holding a public hearing to approve the budget for 2017-18 fiscal year on February 15, 2017 at 7pm at the Bear Lake

Village Hall, 12376 Virginia Street. The regular monthly council meeting will immediately follow.


Here is a copy of the received non accessible PDF which has been reformatted for screen readability by an accessibility volunteer.

2017-18-budget-worksheets pdf

Questions received relate to the following items in the Water Fund: [water Sales in FY16-17 i.e from water bills was $70k]


and in the General Fund:


For comparison FY16-17 current spreadsheets can be viewed here.

Audio recording of Village Water System Meeting 10/13/16

The Following documents were handed out at the meeting.

A new revised construction plan: (Click to view full size)


mdeq201416102016_2 – 2014 Notice

mdeq2014_financialactionplan16102016 – 2014 Suggested Financial and Asset Management

MDEQ January 20, 2015 re USDA Application – Notice regarding USDA application.

The following comments came from attendees via the web:
1.Why if it’s $1.4 why was the Notice for $1.8m
2: were any less expensive phased in approaches explored?
3. In the FB report it states “The MDEQ recommends the firm capacity of any water supply system meet or exceed the maximum day demands placed on the system. The historic maximum day demand (highest maximum day demand in the last 5 years) is 134 gpm, which is 69% of the Village’s firm capacity. The existing firm capacity is adequate to serve existing and future projected maximum day demands.”
4. why did $5000 have to come from a savings account to make the current bond payment?
5. why was the audit 6mo late?
6. why did the bored dismiss village residents petition?
7. if that’s correct, about it controlling flows, then why does your report forecast an identical before and after water usage – 106,000
8. 2.5mil grant dollars – how much of that has actually been secured?
9. can he speak up please
10. how can a meter possibly stop leaks
11. where in USDA guidance does it state that metering is mandatory?
12.  if hydrants are an issue why ahsn’t the Villlage installed the4 it already has
13. you haven’t ‘figured out’ quite a lot it seems
14.  is this meeting pointless? it sounds like it’s a done deal – and yet “we haven’t figured it out”!
15. $4 million project cost divided by 300 residents over 40 years means each man woman and child will pay over $333 per year for the next 40 years and that does not include usage and repairs. The median income of the Village is about $35,000 per year and over a third of our residents are at poverty level. How can they think taxpayers can afford this?
16. And one off every 6 taxpayers live on a fixed income!
17. why not replace the house lines instead of meters
18. These costs don’t even include sewer service – which is the next boondoggle
19. Actually that’s not true – there are funds available for distressed communities and the application was just released
20. it sounds like you don’t have many answers to the questions – I don’t know – we’ll see
21. $135 a quarter was what you sent out in one of ‘3’ notices – But the charge will have to add on the debt repayment fee?
22. your in the red already due to mismanagement
23. old faceful is gonna be maxed out!
24. great leaders!
25. Don’t use Mesick as an example – it is MUCH bigger and actually has a business base
26. So are we paying for the past neglect of the Village Council?
27. how many Council members that voted for this expect to be alive
28. so personal having the “leaders” so far away, couldn’t they have sat a little closer?
29. When was that pump calibrated? How do you know that’s an accurate figure
30. what’s stopping me from putting in my own well?
31. Those figures don’t add up – look at the Preliminary Engineering Report
32. yes I agree – analysis of the financials show this.
33. true your balance sheet shows an income of $113k to balance this budget and yet currently, with projected income is $65k, with the $135 a month in place and IF you say that includes the old $53k Bond payment – So where is the rest coming from?
34. then the village defaults
35. I will offer my services to provide free wells up to 25ft for all village residents!
36. you cannot have a well now the Village Council voted to prohibit it just prior to doing this project
37. how is money set aside when the village is in the red
38. But the engineering report projects exactly the same wter usage before and after
39. By ‘we’ I tak it not ‘we’ the people?
40. I’m sorry those figures are bogus – what about the school population aren’t they residents – why are you only dividing pumped water by 286 ‘resdients’?
41. have these funds/grants been awarded? or are they still pending?
42. would you be open to doing a smaller scale project only a portion of the village and those who By in and rewarded in their water bill is lower
43. This sounds like salesmaniship not logic
44. I’d like to see the Minutes of when that decision to expand the project was made
45. So basically it’s a done deal
46. have these funds/grants been awarded? or are they still pending?
47. So are we paying now for the past neglect of the Village Council?
48. what do you think about the ability to adopt a fire hydrant and take ownership of that and be able to paint it whatever color you want to paint it and make sure that it’s working and taking care of the removal of snow around that fire hydrant
49. there are rumors that Nathan wilder Evans would like to start in an initiative to adopt a fire hydrant
50. You have GOT to be joking! Transparency?
51. Where are the proofs and docuemnts
52. if you want to share information why did you wrong to not record meetings
53. if you want to share information why does the board not respond to foia request
54. if you want to share information why does the village not have a Facebook or social media account if you want to share information about the minutes
55. The only way to do soemthing about this is not vote fr them
56. Does anyone actually believe anything said toniht?