It is regrettable that the following is not available on the Village of Bear Lake web site bearlakemichigan.org or Bear Lake Township at bearlaketwp.com LOCAL GOVERNMENTS CONSIDER NEXT PHASE OF MUNICIPAL SEWER PROJECT MANISTEE COUNTY, MICHIGAN — Five local units of government are considering participating in an initial stage of a municipal sewer project aimed… Read More

What water will cost

In the absence of a comprehensive cost analysis of the proposed Village of Bear Lake water system upgrade project, the following was published as part of the Preliminary Engineering Report. Current water rates for residential customers are based on the REU {Residential Equivalency Unit}. Businesses and Bear Lake Schools pay significantly more than a home… Read More

Groundwater and aquifer depletion

Resources to help Village residents understand where our drinking water comes from and the need for conservation and sustainability of the aquifer. Both Village of Bear Lake wells are drilled into the same ‘unconfined’ aquifer – which is why past Village Council’s devoted several years to comply with a Wellhead Protection Program which received funding… Read More