MSHDA Blight Elimination Program – Notice of Funding Availability

The Michigan State Housing Development Authority (MSHDA) is seeking proposals in support of targeted demolition activity within local units of governments across Michigan with the goal of initiating or triggering private investment and development; supporting current investment and development; promoting public safety, and/or stabilizing and increasing the property values of the project area­.    

Award Limit:

  • For communities that have a population of 50,000 or less, the minimum award is $25,000, and the maximum award is $250,000;
  • For communities with a population of over 50,000, the minimum award is $50,000 and the maximum is $500,000; and
  • The maximum amount of grant funds allowed per residential structure is $25,000.
  • The maximum amount of grant funds allowed per commercial structure is $100,000. 

Eligible Applicants: Local units of government (counties, cities, townships, or villages) and local Land Banks. 

Eligible Properties:

  • Must be vacant at the time of acquisition;
  • Must be blighted, which is defined as meeting any of the following criteria:
    • Properties have been either deemed a public nuisance according to local code or ordinance or deemed a nuisance because of age, physical condition, or use;
    • Properties are a fire hazard or otherwise dangerous to the safety of persons or property; or
    • Properties have had utilities, plumbing, heating, or sewage disconnected, destroyed, removed or rendered ineffective so that the property is unable to meet state and local building code.
  • For residential demolition, the Grantee must provide documentation that last use was as a single-family or multifamily residential 1-4 unit structure;
  • For commercial demolition, property must be in or adjacent to a residential area. Commercial demolition must be part of a development project with funding commitments, and must include a local match of at least 10%.
  • Must be publicly-owned.

Ineligible Projects:

  • Demolition of structures with known or suspected environmental contamination (e.g., sites with underground storage tanks, structures previously housing dry cleaning establishments, etc.), not including lead or asbestos;
  • Demolition of industrial property;
  • Property acquisition or redevelopment
  • Demolition of properties that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places (either individually or as part of a historic district) or those found within local historic districts designated under 1970 PA 169 for which the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) and/or the local historic district commission has not already approved demolition.

Applications must be received on or before 5:00 PM on June 21, 2017.  For more details including how to apply (and deadlines), go to

Calling all Village of Bear Lake residents

Volunteer Position

The Village of Bear Lake is looking to fill a volunteer position for the Manistee County Planning Department.

The County Planning Commission has recommended the formation of a representative from each local unit of government wishing to participate in trail development at a countywide and local level. This volunteer position would represent The Village of Bear Lake and serve on the “County-Wide Multi-Use Trail Committee”.

The individual would be required to meet quarterly or bi-annually; there would be limited commitments outside of attending these meetings, reporting to and providing the input of the represented community and weighing in on implementation and development of multi-use trails.

This is a non-paid volunteer position.

If you are interested in this volunteer position, please contact the clerk at The Village of Bear Lake.

Cindi McPherson Phone: 231.970.2066 Requirements:
 Able to attend meetings quarterly or biannually
 Able to get to and from meetings throughout Manistee County.
 Prefer individual to be a resident of the village of Bear Lake.
This position will be posted until August 16, 2016 or until filled

JOB DESCRIPTION Blight Enforcement Officer

[This item may be discussed at Wednesday July 20 Village Council Meeting]

Village of Bear Lake

JOB DESCRIPTION Blight Enforcement Officer

Reports to: Blight Committee Chair, Village President, Village Council

Overview: The Blight Enforcement Officer is the chief enforcement officer for the Village Blight Ordinance.

Duties: Monitor and enforce Village of Bear Lake’s Blight Ordinance in various ways including utilization of the Civil Infraction Ordinance. Investigate complaints. Issue citations as required. Support the Village’s interest in any litigation.

Qualifications preferred:

 Experience in general law enforcement.

 Experience in conflict resolution.

 Understanding of the general operations of a small community: both formal and informal.

 Fairness and impartiality.

Salary: Commiserate with experience and qualifications. This position is open until filled.

Please contact the Village of Bear Lake 231.970.2066. Office days and hours are Monday – Friday, 1pm -3pm Village of Bear Lake Clerk, Cindi McPherson

Blight Ordinance – Read Here.

{Note: the Village of Bear Lake Current Census figures} Totals- 95 Families, Adult population 255, employed 155. Median Household Income $35,139. Total Housing Units 185.


Bear Lake Community Lighting Competition

lighting competition in Bear Lake MIBEAR LAKE LIGHTING CONTESTS

Bear Lake area residents and businesses are encouraged to help make the 10th Anniversary of Sparkle in the Park even more special this year.

The Bear Lake Promoters are sponsoring lighting contests for residential and business categories.

Winners will receive Bear Lake Bucks that can be spent in most Bear Lake area businesses just in time for Christmas!

First place will win $50, second $25 and third $10.

To register your home or businesses for judging contact Pauline Jaquish at 231-342-7285 or email at

Deadline for registration will be Sunday, Nov. 30 with judging on Monday, Dec. 1.

2014 Nancy Ann Memorial Walk to benefit Bear Lake Fire and EMS

All proceeds donated to the Local Bear Lake Township Fire Department

EVENT CONTACT: Christa Lutz 231-233-7478

Race Location:   Bear Lake Softball Fields

Entry Donation: Click here to Download  2014 Registration for Nancy’s Walk-Run  Pre-Registration (by August 11, 2014) $15.00 includes a T-Shirt.

Race Day Registration $20.00 includes a T-Shirt while supplies last. Registration is 8:45-9:30 am. Send registrations to: Christa Lutz 8328 Eight Mile Rd Kaleva, MI 49645

Awards:  Have fun and enjoy the event!!!

Course Description:  5k part dirt road & part school forest trail. The 1 mile is school forest trail.

Amenities:   Water station at ½ way point during the 5k and after the race refreshments and small snack. Bake sale and Silent Auction!!!

Parking:   On the road, by the softball and baseball fields.

Walk:   The walk will start at 10 am and following will be the 5k around 10:15.

And remember last year?