Transparency and compliance

Yesterday marked the 10th business day since the November 14th Village Council meeting. Our current FOIA expired on November 30 and we have not received any financial documentation or any of the discussion item from that meeting, nor the draft Minutes.

As of yesterday no draft Minutes were available at the Post Office. (The Open Meetings Act requires them to be available within 8 business days .)

Our editorial members feel the time has come to ask our subscribers – what do you value in the service we seek to provide?

Pursuing public documents has become a constant battle – incurring personal attacks and derogatory comments. For any community to thrive it requires an engaged citizenry. The simplest way to ensure documents are published is for residents to attend each meeting and collect all documents available and request any not available as copies to be provided there and then.

A review of shows no finance reports have been published since August. No information has been posted on the current impasse with the water system construction project. A request for a set of in village or non resident/commercial water rates did not receive a reply. Residents are referred to for information about the proposed sewer system. The revised Village sewer service map is not available in spite of a copy being requested.