How much does a sewer system cost? What are the life cycle costs?

Join Water Finance & Management magazine and E/One Sewer systems on Tuesday, October 23, at 2:00 pm EDT for “Using the Life Cycle Cost Calculator for Sewer Project Evaluations,” a new webinar that will provide a holistic overview of life cycle cost analysis and the cost comparisons of pressure sewer systems to other central sewer technologies.

When evaluating wastewater collections system options, the true cost of long-term ownership has often been improperly considered. Evaluation tools, such as E/One’s Life Cycle Cost calculator, provide a planning level assessment for the evaluation of long-term life cycle costs between a low pressure sewer system and a conventional gravity sewer.

This must-see webinar will review cost and operational parameters of a project’s needs. Capturing all operational activities and basing costs on actual or historic data ensures a more complete assessment and facilitates the selection of the wastewater collection system with the most favorable life cycle costs.

The Life Cycle Cost Calculator that speaker Keith McHale will be reviewing is available to download from E/One’s web site.

CEUs available through Benjamin Media, publisher of Water Finance & Management magazine. Read more about our webinars and register HERE.

Can’t make the live event? This webinar will be archived and available on demand!

{Bear Lake News –Editor’s Note: For those curious about projected Two Lakes Sewer costs}