Village of Bear Lake: September 19, 2018 Meeting

The Village does not record its meetings and has refused to reconsider following numerous requests.

The volunteer who usually supplies a recording, if the Village activates it’s telephone callin line, was unable to do so this month due to a medical issue.

Another community member attempted to callin and was unable to do so.

The following financial questions have been posed and partially answered:

  1. As part of the standing FOIA – we have yet to receive the Budget To Actual by Fund reports for June, July or September.
  2. We have not received the requested draft notes for the proposed revised Water Ordinance.
  3. At the August meeting, the Village eliminated 2 savings accounts and agreed to an additional $1869 per month for 6 month repayment structured debt repayment of $20,507.70 for interest on invoiced services from Fleis Vandenbrink dating from 2016. We have not received the requested statement and rationale for this.
  4.  From a resident reprinted here by permission with Village response in bold as returned:
    In looking at some of the recent financial activities listed in the Village Minutes, I wonder if you would be kind and answer my questions please?
    1. I see the audit states the Village hasn’t used an outside accounting firm, but the Minutes show a continuing relationship with Baird, Cotter & Bishop, P.C since 2017?
    Has the Village entered into a formal contract with this firm (NO)and if so for what stated purposes, (Quickbooks set up & assistance)how much for and is the firm Bonded in it’s own right (they do not handle any money) or covered under a Village Policy addition? How did the Village make the initial contact with, and determination to use, (referral) ?
    2. In the August P&L it lists – under General Fund an amount for $2012.64 as additional payroll expenses, with a note that BCB are working on this? What is this amount for please?  (salaries were assigned to wrong accounts, this issue is fixed).
    I have a follow up question to the arrangement with Baird, Cotter & Bishop, P.C?
    The bills note they did the W3 and W2s as well as other accounts reconciliation activities dealing with personal identifying information. Does the Village have a letter of understanding with this firm and a Certificate of Insurance? Who made the referral please?
    In looking at the Bills paid in August – United State Treasury (IRS) 1,468.16 Employee and Employer tax payments – isn’t it customary for the Second Quarter Withholding to be paid by July 15?
    3. Having witnessed some quite serious OSHA violations during the water construction project can you tell me please – is the Village named as a Secondary Insured Party for liability under the contracts awarded and being managed by Fleis & VandenBrink’? (Yes) Who is the designated Safety Officer?  (Each contractor has their own)