Village of Bear Lake Council meeting August 15, 2018 partial recording

Before we post this partial recording of the August 15, 2018 Village Council Meeting Bear Lake News joins the nationwide protest today – in spite of personal and journalism attacks, from national to local news outlets such as us, the press is not the enemy.

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When government, of any size, seeks to bully journalists, or defy a FOIA, or seeks to suppress the release of public documents, or seeks to deliberately undermine the journalistic ethic of working from verifiable sources, or uses the threat of expensive legal action to avoid releasing public documents then we all slip a little further into a culture many of our parents fought a war to protect us all from.

Government works for its people – not the other way round.

Here is a partial recording – the phone line  was terminated before the meeting finished.

And as a follow up to a prior posting, the following documents were received but do not include the interest payments as shown below.