Outside ‘the box’ Bear Lake – veterans housing

Sustainable, affordable, P3 (Public Private Partnership) projects have long been discussed by a consortium of local residents who have a vested interest and the expertise to offer alternative options for the Village of Bear Lake.

Their efforts created the following alternative scenario for a viable Downtown without crippling the current 200+ residents with long term debt and without gentrifying long time residents out of their homes.

Modular wastewater treatment is proposed to supply non potable for fire suppression and a greenhouse solar treatment as back up.

Existing businesses could be incorporated within new facilities at no cost to current owners.

Affordable mix use development would provide Veteran housing units and provide onsite employees for ground floor retailers.

Shown in red are the US31 road right of way set backs – to permit front parking. The preferred option is to remove functionally obsolete buildings on the Lake side, with full financial compensation to the owners, to provide additional off street parking, waterfront viewing, benches and tables and winter snow removal. As identified in prior MEDC community assets events (Joe Borgstrom, representative from MEDC (Michigan Economic Development Corporation), concerning 2003 Economic Development Block Grant ) – the Lake itself is this community’s greatest asset – but is completely hidden from public view Downtown.

Renderings 16-1109

VA Residence Proposal 17-0401 (1)

Regrettably this project was abandoned due to proposed  infrastructure costs for new water and sewer projects.

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