Village of Bear Lake – updated concerns of proposed sewer

With such little transparency in the proposed Two Lakes Sewer Authority – on Thursday July 26, 2018, at Bear Lake High School Library
At 5:30pm – Village residents had the opportunity to question a representative from Wade Trim, the proposed engineer of record.

UPDATE: No documents were provided however – there is an updated Sewer District Parcel Listing for Bear Lake Township on the Onekama Township Two Lakes Sewer Web Page



NOTICE:  There will be an Onekama Township Board Special Meeting for the Sewer District Boundaries on Wednesday, August 8, 2018 at 7:00 PM at the Onekama Township Hall

Meeting called to order by chairperson David Meister at 7:00 PM
Pledge of Allegiance
Attendance: Judy Girven, Jeff Harthun, Jeff Bair, Brian Sousa, Ken Schwerdt, Tom Traciak, Shelli Johnson, and Meister.
Amend the Agenda: Add Conference Call number for meetings to New Business
Motion by Harthun, Second by Bair to accept the amendment to the agenda. M/C Public Comment: None
Minutes of the June 6, 2018 meeting: Motion by Harthun, Second by Bair to accept the Minutes of the June 6, 2018 Regular Authority Meeting. M/C
New Business
Ken Schwerdt and Brian Sousa (Wade Trim) updated everyone on the meetings with the individual municipalities. PDFs and a packet were handed out of updated parcel information that was received from the County. This lists the properties in the proposed district for each municipality (parcel ID’s, owner name, and address). These items will be posted on the website for viewing.
Follow-up meetings are scheduled with Pleasanton for July 12 at 7PM, Bear Lake Township on July 17th at 9 AM, and Bear Lake Village on July 26th at 5 PM at the Bear Lake School library. A meeting is also scheduled for Onekama Township on July 18 at 7PM at the Township Hall.
Tom Traciak (HJ Umbaugh & Associates) talked about assessments of vacant properties. Traciak explained that the Special Assessments are based on each property ID number, and the Residential Equivalent Unit (REU) is the format to split up the cost, which is the best form for allocating money. Buildable vacant lots may assess for 1 REU, regardless of the size. Vacant, unbuildable lots are kept on the assessment district and zero it out. People that opt out of the district will pay a connection fee at a later date, along with a plumbing, contractors, etc at owner’s expense. Questions were fielded and discussion continued with Traciak and Sousa providing information.
• If a person sells a house, the special assessment follows the house, not the people.
• Property owners can pay the loan off completely at any time.
• Initiation by each Township Board via Resolution passed, or 20% opposition needs 50% land area petitioned to override it.
• Government Entities and/or Schools cannot get assessed, they may pay a connection fee.
• The connection fee is an “up-front” lump sum cost vs spreading it over 40 years with the original special assessment.
• Determination of “unbuildable lots” (ie. Wet lands): This is a Public Health Department issue/question.
• Interest rate for those paying over 40 years: SAD people’s interest rate is 1% over the bond interest rate (by state law), with a loan through Rural Development
• Each Township may adopt an ordinance to have people hook up within a certain amount of feet the line.
• Each pump/grinder is the property of the Authority.
• Would this go on the tax bill? 99% of the time, it gets added on the winter tax bill.
• How will a 501c7 organization that operates 10 weeks out of the year be handled? This question will be sent to Eric Williams. Project Funding/Bonding The State Law allows Township Authorities 1 way to incur debt and that is via Bonds. A USDA Loan is the best caveat. New Business Conference Call set up for meetings to accommodate those with disabilities. Johnson will research this availability.
Old Business RFP – Proposal deadline has not been reached yet.
Next Meeting is August 1, 2018, at the Bear Lake Township Hall at 7:00 PM. Meeting Adjourned at 8:34 PM