Village of Bear Lake: DRAFT Minutes Regular Meeting July 18, 2018

Village of Bear Lake Council
July 18, 2018
Bear Lake Village Hall
Unapproved Minutes

Meeting Documents –

The regular meeting of the Bear Lake Village Council was called to order by President Jeff Bair at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall. Pledge of Allegiance was said.
Present: President: Jeff Bair Council: Peggy Bass, Marla Evans, Greg McPherson, Ron Ronning & Andrea Ware
Treasurer: Clerk: Cindi McPherson, Staff: Jared Bair
Absent: Jackie Johnson, Treasure: Sally King and Staff: Larry Gibson
Guests: 6 guests signed in
Motion to Accept the Agenda by Ronning and seconded by McPherson, motion carried.
Ayes: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nays: none
Absent: Johnson
Public Comment:
• Jeanne Vission –
o Questioned why 2 toilets are costing $4,400 for the proposed DPW Maintenance Building. President Bair will look into this cost.
o Questioned how and why new water meters would get installed or read if an individual is not at home. Ken Mlcek (Fleis & Vanderbrink) stated appointments to enter homes will be prearranged and water meters will be read from outside of the homes.

• Christie Johnson asked if the quarterly water bills will stay the same. President Bair stated we will go 1 full year as of now to see how it goes. Rates could be gently raised in the future.
• Lee Vission asked how the water rates increases will be evaluated. Bair stated by the Water Review Board. Will the loss of residents increase water rates? It may, residents may need to pick up extra cost if that would happen, per Bair.
• Christie Johnson questioned meter fees. Ken Mlcek said usage based could be best.
Correspondence: Read by clerk:
• Clerk read email from Bear Lake Township Fire Department Chief, Sean Adams regarding the new ISO rating that will take effect October 1, 2018. After October 1 2018 he recommends to any resident or business that they make sure their insurance carrier is aware of the change in rating at the time of renewal. He will be contacting Bear Lake Insurance Agency to make them aware of the change.
Motion to accept the minutes from June 20, 2018 regular monthly meeting with correction by Bass, seconded by Ronning. Motion Carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: None

Absent: Johnson
Correction: mis-spelled word, 4th page, under Water, 4th bullet down, Pervious should be previous.
Guest speaker:
Pat Bentley from Spicer Group was not able to make it.
Council member McPherson wants clarification on high cost items from the DPW Building.
Maintenance Report: No report by DPW Manager, Jared Bair
Treasurer’s Report: Reviewed by Clerk McPherson. Written report on file in the 2018 Minutes binder.

T Report June 29, 2018
June 2018 Fund Balances:
General checking/savings total 47,512.83
Water checking only 14,449.88
Money Market Checking 6,091.46
Water Project Required Accounts
Bond Reserv Acct 5,300.13
RRI Fund 12,133.43
O&M Acct 25,000.00
USDA Required Accounts
USDA Repayment -Savings 100.01
USDA Construction- checking 16,284.43
DPW Repayment – checking 100.00
DPW Construction – checking 100.00
Park checking/savings total 26,229.04
Park CD#2 33,176.17
Major Street checking/savings total 24,741.17
Minor Street checking/savings total 5,448.48
Equipment Fund checking/savings total 18,037.80
Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented by McPherson seconded by Evans, motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: none
Absent: Johnson
Motion to accept the Amendments as presented by Evans seconded by McPherson, motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: none
Absent: Johnson
Minor Streets – Move $93.56 from Gas & Oil into Insurance Bills to be paid presented by the Clerk. List on file in 2018 Minutes folder.
Motion to pay the bills with correction by Ronning, seconded by Ware. Motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair

Nay: none
Absent: Johnson
Correction: Park- Viper Graphics $400, should be $600
April reimbursements to the General Fund were read by President Bair.
o Wages to General Fund: $6,021.02
o Equipment Rental to Equipment Fund: $881.73
Committee Chair Reports:
o Park Manager Report: Verbal report by Park Manager, Jeff Bair. June 2018
deposits – $5,460.50 compared to June 2017 – $3,704.00. Clerk did not have
report at time of meeting, will email report to members. Report on file.
o Swim Safety items grant money of $1,500 was received. Items to purchase will be the safety station, buoys for the swim area and sign; Swim at your own risk.
President Bair &Council member McPherson will make the purchase.
o President Bair stated the new Hopkins Park sign is up and good comments have been received.
o Kayak/Canoe Launch, 2nd application has been submitted. $38K is our matching portion. September is when it will be announced.
Streets, Trees, Signs, Lights, Sidewalks:
No report
o Update on Water System Improvement Project from Ken Mlcek. Black top
overlay will be happening shortly. Directional drilling & open cut water is
happening now. Well site drilling did not find favorable area, deeper drilling is necessary. Looking for better quantity of water.
o McPherson asked about hydrant replacement and size of outlet for fire hose hook-up. Mlcek will look into size of outlet.
o Clerk McPherson asked what DPW Department will be doing with old hydrants. DPW Manager, Bair said he is looking into scrapping them. All hydrants on Smith Street should be newer ones.
o Mlcek presented the 3rd draw for the water project.

• Motion to approve 3rd draw for the Water Well Project was made by Evans, seconded by McPherson. Motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: none
Absent: Johnson
Guest Jeannie Vission asked if the water project was over/under budget. Mlcek said he had no total at this time. Very few extra things have been done, this project has a healthy contingency budget.
o No discussion on water ordinance. Jeff and Marla will continue to work on this. Need to clarify job titles, roles & descriptions.
BLIGHT: Blight Officer report submitted by Gibson.
• Conducted follow up investigations on properties.

o New photographs taken.
o Several property owners have begun addressing the issued outlined in my
letters to them.
▪ Received an email update from one property owner with a written timeline of his plan to improve the property.
Village Clean Up Day:
o Had three probationers show up to work with us.
▪ All three worked very hard and were an asset to our village cleanup day.
o The magistrate & probation officer agreed to credit each with $100
toward their fines & costs owed to the county.
o The magistrate has expressed an interest in doing this program again
when needed.
Future Plans:
o Continue to monitor village properties for blight violations and
begin the notification process.
CABA: No meeting/no report
County Commissioner Report: Pauline Jaquish reported that it is county budget time. They are trying to figure out what to do with the County Medical Care Facility, sell it or keep it. Drawings have been done to improve it. It was built in 1959, addition to the building could be $6-9 million. At this time, 85% to capacity. After renovations people will want in but people are asking why the county needs a medical facility.
Upcoming activities; Bear Lake Community Garage Sale-August 18. Hazardous Waste Disposal Day at Manistee County Road Commission building – August 18. Manistee County Fair – August 22-25. September 22 & October 13 – tire collection at the Manistee fair grounds. $1 per tire, limit od 10tires per person.
SMARTrail Committee Report: McPherson no reported.
Bear Lake Improvement Board: McPherson reported.
Two Lakes Sewer Collaborative: President Bair reported they are doing assessments of vacant properties. On July 26, at 5:30pm Brian Sousa from Wade Trim will be present at the Bear Lake High School library presenting sewer information. Bear Lake village sent out question/answer form to see which residents are interested in hooking up to the sewer. Non-buildable properties will be exempt along with the school.
Guest Bill Beaver asked President Bair if he was for the new sewer project. Bair replied that everything is in the “informational stage”. The council will be the one to determine if the sewer system comes into the village after they evaluate everything. The other townships are having informational meetings also.
Planning Commission: Barb Farfsing
July 18 meeting – Rob Carson, Manistee County Planner, gave his report on where he is with our zoning ordinances.
• Work is being done on General Provisions.

• Some of the articles included in this part of the zoning are Design Standards – the intent of this includes the exterior appearance of any non-residential structure/building which contains any portion of a non-residential use that has an effect on the immediate area and of neighboring areas for business and other purposes. The maintenance of these buildings to prevent deterioration. It also includes the size of parking area in relation to the size of the building.
• Wetland and Floodplain Protection which includes Surface Water Protection
• Environmental – including Buffers and Landscaping for the downtown as well as residential areas
• Keeping of Pets – which refers to the number of pets each household in each zoning district would be allowed.
• Motor Vehicle storage in Residential Districts Driveways and access to Street and Off-Street Parking for Residential as well as Businesses Sign Regulations Outdoor Lighting Accessory Buildings, Structures and Uses Swimming Pools Decks One and Two Family Dwelling Standard
• At the August meeting we will be going over the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) codes which include the Table of Land Uses
• A letter received from the RRC district leader asking to identify available village owned property that could be developed. MEDC will market them for us.
o The empty lot of the old Odd Fellows building
o Old well site
o Pickle ball court – this must always be a park. Barb will submit these

AD HOC Committee – Clerk reported volunteer Julie is still working on the resolutions.
Old Business:
• Clerk reported August 7, 2018 ballot – Appointment of clerk & treasure language has an error, should be Ordinance 1 of 2017 instead of 10 of 2017. Legal council will determine what needs to be done.
• Community Clean-up Day – went very well. Next date is October 13.
• Council Committee assignment.
• Motion to change title of Park Supervisor to Park manager and Maintenance Superintendent to DPW Superintendent by Ronning seconded by McPherson, motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: none
Absent: Johnson
New Business:
• Review of Purchase Policy – discussion was held. Clerk McPherson & Council member Evans will research wording for the August meeting.
• None

• Jeanie Vission –
o Concerns:
▪ Being a non-resident & paying a higher tax base.
▪ How the information regarding the new ISO rating will get out.

• Community Dinner
Meeting adjourned at 8:18p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Cindi McPherson, Clerk