June 20, 2018 Village of Bear Lake DRAFT Minutes

As previously noted – the Agenda was not received in time to post information for this meeting, nor does the Village post it’s meeting packet online.

The audio recording is incomplete as the line was terminated.

Under the Michigan Open Meetings Act, draft Minutes must be available within 8 business days – these were received July 8.

For previous financial documents received use this link please.

As the FY2018-19 Operating Budget was amended we have requested the June Profit and Loss Report.

Village of Bear Lake Council REGULAR MEETING June 20, 2018
Bear Lake Village Hall
Unapproved Minutes Drafted Minutes June 20 2018

The regular meeting of the Bear Lake Village Council was called to order by President Jeff Bair at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall. Pledge of Allegiance was said.
Present: President: Jeff Bair Council: Peggy Bass, Marla Evans, Greg McPherson, Ron Ronning & Andrea Ware
Treasurer: Sally King, Clerk: Cindi McPherson, Staff: Jared Bair and Larry Gibson
Absent: Jackie Johnson
Guests: 13 guests
Motion to Accept the Agenda by McPherson and seconded by Evans, motion carried.
Ayes: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nays: none
Absent: Johnson
Additions: Old Business: Accessibility Transition Plan
Second Motion to Accept the Agenda with addition by Ronning and seconded by Bass, motion carried.
Ayes: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nays: none
Absent: Johnson
Additions: Water- Draw #2
Public Comment:
• BJ Tooker – Spoke on Cross Connection to his property. The cost of having this done is expensive. President Bair suggested getting other residents who need to have this done and possibly getting a lower price.
• Ben Heymes – Bear Lake Water Operator introduced himself to the group. Wanted to know if anyone had and questions for him. None asked.
Correspondence: Read by clerk:
• Solicitation letter forwarded by village attorney, Brian Graham regarding The Michigan Coalition to Protect Public Rights-of-Way. Council decided, not to join at this time.
• A letter from property owners living on Ronning Street south and Hancock Street
regarding an upgrade to high-grade road gravel. This is the only unpaved street in Bear Lake and they requested the council consider their request.
o Quote from Ron Brown & Son’s is $2,393 to pave a 14 X20 ft access section off
Main Street. Additional $3-4,000 tp gravel the remainder of the street.
o Discussion was held and Council member Evans will get quote from Ron Brown & Son’s and Reith Reilly to present at the July meeting.

• Letter from Bear Lake Watershed Alliance regarding their annual fund raiser and the SAW grant for the storm drain in the village of Bear Lake.

• Email from Fire Chief Sean Adams; with current construction to the water system in Bear Lake, the fire department will not be cycling any of the hydrants this summer.
Motion to accept the minutes from May 16, 2018 regular monthly meeting with corrections by Bass, seconded by McPherson. Motion Carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: None
Absent: Johnson
Correction: mis-spelled words, 1st page, “connected and flies”, should be contacted & fliers.
Guest speaker:
Brian Sousa from Wade Trim spoke on The Two Lake Sewer Authority. Brian provided an update on the “Estimated Project Schedule”, attached at the end of this document. Present concerns were on what streets & residents would be included, cost of the project and cost to village residents. What happens to current septic systems of residents? The authority will own & operate the system and set money aside for future repairs. Brian agreed to attend a village meeting for any interested residents in July. This meeting will be set by the village president
and made public on the village website; http://www.bearlakemichigan.com the Bear Lake Post office and the village office on Virginia Street. Informational sheets with a YES, NO or MAYBE will be sent in the July water bills for residents to voice if they are interested in being part of the newsewer system.
Wade Trim was hired by the Two Lakes Sewer Authority to complete the Rural Development application for sewer around the lake. The Sewer Authority is made up of Pleasanton Township, Bear Lake Township, Village of Bear Lake and Onekama Township.
Maintenance Report: Verbal report by DPW Manager, Jared Bair
Treasurer’s Report: Reviewed by King. Written report on file in the 2018 Minutes binder. T Report May 31, 2018 

April 2018 Fund Balances:
General checking/savings total  – 58,092.32
Water checking only  – 21,755.37
Money Market Checking – 6,090.68
USDA Repayment -Savings – 100.00
USDA Construction- checking – 43,335.20
DPW Repayment – checking – 92.00
DPW Construction – checking – 92.00
Park checking/savings total – 26,628.82
Park CD#2  – 33,176.17
Major Street checking/savings total  – 25,560.31
Minor Street checking/savings total  – 7,329.83
Equipment Fund checking/savings total – 17,579.71
Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented by McPherson seconded by
Bass, motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: none
Absent: Johnson

Amended motion from May 16, 2018 for the Flag Banner, to move $100 from the
Blight Account to the Seasonal Decorations Account to cover the $500 by McPherson
seconded by Bass, motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: none
Absent: Johnson
Motion to accept the Amendments as presented by Evans seconded by McPherson,
motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: none
Absent: Johnson
General Fund – Move $100 from Blight to Seasonal Decorations to cover cost of
flag banners as approved in the May meeting 2018.
Increase Education to $1,250, using unallocated funds.
Water Fund – Motion to remove $35,000.00 from Water Capital Outlay and
Other Income as these are water project costs which should not have been
included in the budget.
Move $30 from License & Fees to Insurance
Just a note of audit procedure: Moved the $20,000 which paid off the old bond
to account #000-307 (Notes Payable).
Park Fund – Motion to move $95 from Tree Removal to Insurance
Major Streets – Move $95 from Tree Removal to Insurance
Equipment Fund – Motion to increase Capital Outlay to $325, using unallocated
income. Motion to increase Miscellaneous to $120, using unallocated income
Bills to be paid presented by the Clerk. List on file in 2018 Minutes folder.
Motion to pay the bills by Ronning, seconded by Bass. Motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: none
Absent: Johnson
April reimbursements to the General Fund were read by President Bair.
o Wages to General Fund: $4,979.64
o Equipment Rental to General Fund: $772.66
Committee Chair Reports:
o Park Manager Report: Verbal report by Park Manager, Jeff Bair. May 2018
deposits – $6,354.50 compared to May 2017 – $6,570.00. Report on file.
o Swim Safety items grant was approved for the beach area in Hopkins Park, $1500
grant, can purchase items ahead of receiving the grant money.
o Bair showed different colors for a new sign for the entrance of Hopkins Park.
Council like the red lettering. President Bair will contact sign designer and
approve sign, at a cost of $600.
o Council member Evans questioned the new roof for the decking, was there
approval for the funds? President Bair said it was approved at a previous council
meeting. Evans questioned if Council President gives permission on projects in
the park. Council will revisit spending policy at the July meeting.
o Motion for Resolution – submission of grant application to the Mansitee
Community Foundation for Hopkins Park Development by McPherson,
seconded by Evans. Motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: none
Absent: Johnson
o Watershed Clean-up – Farfsing reported an excellent turnout of 20 students
from Mr. Probst’s 11th grade class and additional members of the Bear Lake
Watershed. Water garden areas, pocket parks were cleaned, weeds pulled, and
sidewalks swept. Thank you to the Bear Lake High students who attended.

Streets, Trees, Signs, Lights, Sidewalks:
Follow up on a quote from Ron Brown was discussed during Correspondence section.
o Congratulations to Jared Bair, DPW Manager on his Water Operators license.
o Update on Water System Improvement Project from Ken Mlcek. Some water
mains and streets are done; next step is to tie in the water to the new piping.
Streets under construction now should be paved for Bear Lake Days. Workers
have been trying to notify residents in advance when water will be shut off but
there have been unforeseen issues with the water main mapping from years ago.
o No discussion on water ordinance.
o Fleis & Vanderbrink invoice for $20,507.72, is for interest accrued for
engineering &legal cost on Water Well Project. Pervious village attorney delay
was cause for some of this cost. Treasurer King will work with Fleis &
Vanderbrink on pay back terms.
o Treasurer King presented the new water bill design.
o DPW Building construction is on hold due to a referendum. President Bair
approved ballot language. Residents can vote on this project on the August
ballot. Correct facts on the construction project will be available to village residents.
o Mlcek presenedt the 2nd draw for the water project.
• Motion to approve 2nd draw for the Water Well Project was made by Bass, seconded
by Evans. Motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: none
Absent: Johnson
CABA: Meeting regarding Redevelopment Readiness Community program was
discussed and how CABA could help.
BLIGHT: Blight Officer report by Gibson. Follow up on 10 properties for blight.
County Commissioner Report: Pauline Jaquish – no report

SMARTrail Committee Report: McPherson reported.
Bear Lake Improvement Board: McPherson reported.
Two Lakes Sewer Collaborative: Presented at the beginning of the meeting.
Planning Commission: Barb Farfsing
o Motion to accept the Redevelopment Ready Communities Joint Memorandum
of Understanding by Evans, seconded by McPherson. Motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair
Nay: none
Absent: Johnson
Ad Hoc – Policy, Resolution & Ordinance Committee –Clerk McPherson reported,
volunteer Julie, has finished index for Policy Book and is working on Resolution
• Community Clean-up Day – President Bair stated he had received a $50 gift card from Meijer to use toward lunch at the Clean-Up Day. Clerk McPherson will have posters printed and put around the village.
• Accessibility Transition Plan – Do what can be done now, handicap parking in the back parking lot of village office, handicap spot will be signed and marked. Lever door handles to replace current door knobs. President Bair said council member Johnson will follow up on this.
• Committee member assignment – Andrea Ware was added to Streets Committee and Buildings, Grounds & Equipment. President Bair is Ex officio member and Clerk McPherson is appointed Recording Secretary for the Planning Commission.
• None
• Blight Officer Gibson mentioned the boat launch area in Hopkins Park needs two “NO PARKING” signs so individuals can pull up and back into the launch area.
• David Reed questioned signage for the front of the village office building. DPW
Manager, Bair stated the banner went up today.
• Don Raiff wanted to know if the Blight elimination fund housed at the Manistee
Community Foundation sent out a quarterly finance report? Cpould this be reported at the village meetings? He would like public awareness of the fund’s balance. The Village Council would like to ask the foundation to use some of the funds for the Village Blight Officer’s wages.
• Watershed event Saturday June 30 at Bear Lake Bed & Breakfast 5p-8p
• Community Clean-Up Day June 30, 9a-1p
• Bear Lake Days July 13-15
• Community Dinner Thursday June 21at 5p
Meeting adjourned at 10:10p.m.