July 11, 2018. 7 PM. Two Lakes Sewer Authority Meeting

A notice has been received that the next Two Lakes Sewer Authority meeting will be held at 7 PM at Bear Lake Township Hall (corner of US31 and Virginia Street in Bear Lake)

A request has been sent under the Michigan Freedom of Information Act for an Agenda and any documents to be discussed.

NOTE: Virginia Street is under construction due to water system work.

We have received Minutes from the June 20, 2018 Village Council meeting.Drafted Minutes June 20 2018

Note that the Agenda for this meeting was received too late for actual public notice.

On June 20 the following was posted at onekama.info/township:

NOTICE:  Pleasanton Township is holding a meeting regarding the sewer district boundaries on Wednesday, June 20, 2018 at 6 pm at the Pleasanton Twp. Hall. [see below for posted date]

Here are the June 6, 2018 TLSA Minutes:

Two Lake Sewer Collaborative Authority Minutes Regular Meeting Wednesday, June 6, 2018

Regular scheduled meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Chairperson David Meister.
Pledge of Allegiance Members Present: David Meister, Jeff Harthun, Judy Girven, Jeff Bair, Brian Sousa, Eric Williams, and Shelli Johnson.
Amend Agenda -Add Wade Trim Agreement to New Business
Public Comment: Public comment received regarding websites, communication, postings, grant approval and amount, bank account establishment, and project schedule. Williams explained to those in attendance about the process of the TLSA, development, public input with respective Township/Village Boards, map development process, and boundaries.
Meeting Minutes: Motion by Harthun to approve the May 2, 2018 Regular Meeting Minutes, Second by Girven. M/C
New Business: Wade Trim Agreement: The Motion to approve the Preliminary Engineering Report in May is valid with the Alternate Representative making the motion. Motion by Girven, Second by Bair to accept the Wade Trim Sewer System Preliminary Engineering Report for the TLSA. Roll Call Vote: Girven – Yes, Bair – Yes, Harthun – Yes, Meister – Yes. M/C
Meeting Conduct: Williams will send Johnson samples of meeting conduct guidelines. This will be placed on the July Agenda.
Communication RFP: Establishing communication and information availability to the public, between the four municipalities, is in progress. RFP will be sent out to companies and the Authority will review results and act on. In the meantime, the Onekama Township website should be used as a reference for information. www.onekama.info, Township tab, and Two Lake Sewer Collaborative Authority tab on the bottom of the page.
Jurisdictions Next Steps: Sousa reported that he will be meeting with each municipality to review the maps. They currently reflect all properties with lake frontage. Dates are set with Pleasanton Township, Bear Lake Village, and Bear Lake Township. These meetings are open to the public. Onekama Township has had previous sewer district boundaries established. The meeting for them has not been set yet. Sousa explained that the more users being serviced in the system the better, from a cost standpoint and also a flow rate standpoint.
Key Q & A: Johnson will post a list of Key Q & A onto Onekama Township’s website for review.
Additional questions received: • Future line access charge • Hook-up charge • Wetland areas within boundaries • Per parcel charge or per hook-up charge • Public Access/Road Ends • Timeframe
Public Comment: None
Next Meeting Scheduled for July 11, 2018. 7:00 P.M. @ Bear Lake Twp. Hall Meeting Adjourned 8:11 P.M.

Attached to the Village of Bear Lake DRAFT June 20 Minutes was the following:

Two Lakes Sewer Authority
Estimated Project Schedule

Planning Phase

Milestone                                                         Approximate Date
Begin preparing funding application         June 1, 2018
TLSA June Meeting                                        June 6, 2018

Presentations to assist in determining service boundary
Pleasanton Twp presentation                     June 14, 2018
Bear Lake Twp presentation                               June 19, 2018
Bear Lake Village presentation                   June 20, 2018
Onekama Twp presentation TBD
Complete service boundary for application   August 2018
Complete and submit financing application to USDA – October 2018
Receive response from USDA on financing application  – January 2019

Design & Construction Phase
Milestone                                                                       Approximate Date
Determination to pursue / design begins                April 2019
Finalize design/USDA submittal items/permits     December 2019
Open bids                                                                       March 2020
Start construction                                                         May 2020

Thus far no Operating Budget for the Two Lakes Sewer Authority has been made public.