Two Lakes Sewer Authority – Preliminary Engineering in progress

Under MI Freedom of Information Act (Public Act No. 442 of 1976 as amended) – the following was sent to Bear Lake Township Supervisor Jeff Harthun by a concerned citizen and forwarded to Bear Lake News to share:

“Please consider this an official request to receive an email notice 48 hours before any and all such future meetings, Township Board, any Commission and especially the Two Lake Sewer Authority as allowed under the Open Meetings Act.

In addition: it is impossible to track what is actually happening with the Two Lakes Sewer Authority – it is my understanding a planning grant has been received? There is no mechanism to know if a TLS meeting has been cancelled or not?
1. – I’m requesting a copy of the planning grant application to allow me to review the scope and parameters of this planning process.
2. – Who is managing the funds received?
3. – Now the Two Lakes is expending funds – I’d like to see a copy of your operating budget, profit and loss reports and Treasurer Report.
4. – I want to see a copy of the preliminary Special Assessment District map as referenced in the following May Minutes PDF.
5 – The May Minutes reference an RFP for Preliminary Engineering services – where was this published and how many other firms submitted one?
The following is NOT available on either the Village or Township web sites: Why?
[see transcript below]
It states: “Each municipality will present to their communities at their upcoming individual board meetings” but no such document was provided by the Village of Bear Lake.”
In the following the term “Search Grant Median Household Income Feasibility Study.” is not explained.
Two Lake Sewer Collaborative Authority
Minutes Regular Meeting Wednesday, May 2, 2018
Regular meeting called to order at 4:12 p.m. by Chairperson David Meister.
Pledge of Allegiance
Members Present: David Meister, Jeff Harthun, Judy Girven, Jeff Bair (replacement for Greg McPherson), Brian Sousa (Wade Trim), Shelli Johnson. ** McPherson has resigned from the Two Lake Sewer Collaborative Authority via letter to the Village of Bear Lake. A copy of that letter is to be submitted to the Sewer Board.
Others Present: Pauline Jaquish, Judy Spohn, Dave Ertel, and Sandy Ertel
Minutes of the January 3, 2018 meeting were not available for approval.
Amend Agenda: Add RFP to New Business Public Comment
• Feasibility of Sewer
• Meeting time change for summer to 7:00 PM
Unfinished Business:
• Meister reported that the Collaboration was awarded $30,000 from the USDA RD, and the document was signed on Monday, April 30, 2018.
New Business • Sousa reported on the Search Grant Median Household Income Feasibility Study.
• Motion by Bair, Second by Girven to approve the proposal for Wade Trim to complete the Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) for $30,000. Roll Call Vote: Girven – Yes, Bair – Yes, Harthun – Yes, Meister – Yes. M/C
• Sousa distributed Preliminary sewer service district maps. Each municipality will present to their communities at their upcoming individual board meetings.
• Communication: Johnson will look into an RFP options and present at the next meeting.
Public Comment: None Next Meeting Scheduled for June 6, 2018. 7:00 P.M. @ Bear Lake Twp. Hall Meeting Adjourned 5:00 P.M.