Partial Audio: Village of Bear Lake Council May 16, 2018

The Village once again had issues with it’s conference line. Prior meetings have muted everyone, preventing public comment. This time all attendees were unmuted which caused considerable feedback and allowing private conversations to be overheard. Furthermore the audio transmission was not as clear as on other occasions.

To protect the privacy of those who did not know they were being broadcast here is an edited piece of the recording. Again the conference line was terminated by the host and attendees were unable to resume listening.

The Village has received a complaint on this matter, as the right for reasonable accommodation is included in the Open Meetings Act, and again a link to how to administer a conference call from:

FOR ALL FUTURE CALL INS – DO NOT ASSUME YOU ARE MUTED. PRESS 6 Self Mute – Mute your individual line. Press 6 again to unmute the line.

Or if you are using Skype or Google, to avoid phone charges, be sure there is a Mute bar across the microphone symbol.

Several documents available at the meeting have not been received:

  1. Monthly Profit and Loss by Detail by Fund
  2. Revised draft of a replacement Water Ordinance – see prior version here.
  3. Two Lakes Sewer Authority Special Assessment District Map – see next posting.

The following documents had been previously requested but have not been received:

  1. FY 2017-18 Year End Profit and Loss by Detail By Fund Report
  2. Copy of the Authorizing language to place the 2 petition questions on the August Ballot: one to decided if Village tax payers want to allow the appointment of a Clerk employee and give up their current right to vote for this position
  3. Copy of the Authorizing language to decide whether to enter into a 30 year loan of $350,000 for a new Maintenance Building – it should be noted prior requests by FOIA to see a site plan, building specs, construction estimate and Bond repayment schedule have received no response.