May 14, 2018. Village of Bear Lake Special Meeting

There has been no explanation of why a stand alone Motion was required to allow the Village President and Clerk to sign contracts for the water system.

The following is contained in the 2 Resolutions passed in February.

Water Revenue RES Bond Authorizing Resolution feb 27 2018

Loan Resolution Feb 27 2018

“(d) “Authorized Officer,” means the President, the Clerk and the Treasurer of the Village, or any one or more of them acting alone or together.

Section 11. AUTHORIZED OFFICER. The Authorized Officer is hereby designated, for and on behalf of the Village, to do all acts and to take all necessary steps required to effectuate the sale, issuance and delivery of the Series 2018 Bonds”

and “17. To accept a grant in an amount not to exceed $2,547,000 under the terms offered by the Government; that the and of the Association are hereby authorized and empowered to take all action necessary or appropriate in the execution of all written instruments as may be required in regard to or as evidence of such grant; and to operate the facility under the terms offered in said grant agreement(s).

The initial publication of the Bond Resolution in March had information missing. The scheduled signing of the Bond documents took place on May 15 at 9am.