Village of Bear Lake Regular Meeting April 18, 2018

Our volunteer had difficulty connecting – the meeting was joined in progress.

No financial documents were received – a volunteer collected copies which will be posted separately. [Note: a full meeting packet, to be supplied in advance of each meeting, has been requested under both FOIA and the ADA provision of the Open Meetings Act}

Unapproved minutes April 18 2018 [pdf]

Village of Bear Lake Council
REGULAR MEETING April 18, 2018
Bear Lake Village Hall

Unapproved Minutes

The regular meeting of the Bear Lake Village Council was called to order by President Jeff Bair at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall. Pledge of Allegiance was said.

Present: President: Jeff Bair Council: Peggy Bass, Marla Evans, Jackie Johnson, Greg McPherson, Ron Ronning & Andrea Ware
Treasurer: Sally King, Clerk: Cindi McPherson, Staff: Jared Bair and Larry Gibson
Absent: None
Guests: Two (2) guests

Motion to Accept the Agenda by Ronning and seconded by McPherson, motion carried.
Ayes: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair. Nays: none. Absent: none

Public Comment: None

Correspondence: Read by clerk:

  • Letter from resident Daniel DeBano regarding the poor condition of the street (Ronning Street) in front of his home. And the repair he needs to do to his lawn after winter, due to the snowplow truck when plowing. He would like someone to call/email this with him. President Bair will contact him.


Motion to accept the minutes from March 28, 2018 Public Hearing for Kayak/Canoe Launch by Evans, seconded by McPherson. Motion Carried.

Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair. Nay: None. Absent: None

Motion to accept the minutes with corrections from March 28, 2018 Regular Monthly Meeting by McPherson, seconded by Evans. Motion Carried.

Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair. Nay: None. Absent: None

Corrections: Wrong $ amount under amendments and name correction noted.

  • Maintenance Report: Verbal report was given by Jared Bair. Finished up painting in restrooms for campers. Plowing and general maintenance.
  • Treasurer’s Report: Reviewed by King. Written report on file in the 2018 Minutes binder.

March 30, 2018 Fund Balances:
General checking/savings total 66,629.75
Water checking only 37,777.78
o Wages to General Fund: $4,784.43
o Equipment Rental to General Fund: $5,084.17
Money Market Checking 10,089.86

Park checking/savings total 28,218.47
Park CD#2 33,149.40

Major Street checking/savings total 29,565.77
Minor Street checking/savings total 8,281.15
Equipment Fund checking/savings total 7,296.68

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report as presented by Bass seconded by Ronning, motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair. Nay: none. Absent: none

Bills to be paid presented by Treasurer. List on file in 2018 Minutes folder.

Motion to pay the bills by Ronning, seconded by Bass. Motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair. Nay: none. Absent: none

February Reimbursements to the General Fund were read by President Bair.

Committee Chair Reports:
Park Manager Report: Verbal report by Park Manager, Jeff Bair. March 2018 deposits – $6,302 compared to March 2017 – $3,058. The snow needs to melt so campers can move in.
Landscaping wall by restrooms area may need to be replaced. Jared will look at project to see if it can be done by DPW.
Due to snow & cold there are still some Sparkle items up.

  • Kayak/Canoe project – Manistee County Community Foundation has opened their recreation grant phase $215,000, need to give them notice if we are applying by end of this month. Put in for 26%, (est. $35K), village would still need 10% match money of the $35K. Deadline is July 3, 2018. President Bair will ask AES to write the grant again for us. An endowment was given by an individual (Meninger Family Endowmwnt) to be used for recreation projects.

Streets, Trees, Signs, Lights, Sidewalks: No report


  • Ken Mlcek from Fleis & VanderBrink was present and asked the council to approve first pay documents for the Water System Project. First draw for reimbursement to village & some payments for services already preformed.
  • A motion was made to approve the first pay documents for the water system project by McPherson, seconded by Ronning. Motion carried.
    Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair. Nay: none. Absent: none
    President Bair signed both documents.
  • Update on Water System Improvement Project; loan closing will be on May 15, 2018 starting at 9a/9:30a. Construction and drilling will start shortly after closing. Ken Mlcek, project manager will be present most of the time or a representative will be in attendance. Ken is waiting on schedule of street work. Village residents will be notified by construction company when work will be done in their street section.
  • Question was asked if Lynn Street to US-31 would be repaved. Not at this time, cost prohibitive. $35-37K to repave.
  • The updated Water Ordinance was presented to the council.
  • Evans asked for the Water Ordinance is tabled until May for council members review and get with Evans or Bair for any concerns they may have.


CABA: No report.
BLIGHT: Blight Officer no report by Gibson.

Clerk McPherson shared brochure from the USDA on home improvements at low cost to residents. Brochures available at the Village office and when updated brochure is received from the USDA it will be on the village website as well.

County Commissioner Report: Pauline Jaquish verbally reported she will be attending an Identity Theft presentation at Munson West Shore Hospital, Representative VanderWall will be at the county courthouse 10a on the 20th to answer questions or talk to him. April 24 is the next Manistee County Commissioner meeting.

SMARTrail Committee Report: McPherson reported they will be applying for a $54K grant for the Copemish Trail. McPherson donated $20 for a logo contest for area schools to go along with their new name.

Bear Lake Improvement Board: McPherson reported no report, no meeting. Next meeting is May 17th, they are still looking for an additional member, candidate must be a resident living on Bear Lake.

Two Lakes Sewer Collaborative: McPherson reported no report, no meeting. Next meeting should be in May. McPherson is stepping down as representative for the village and stated President Jeff Bair would be willing to replace him. McPherson would stay as alternate for attending when Bair cannot.

Motion to approve Jeff Bair as Two Lake Sewer representative and McPherson to be the back-up representative by Evans, seconded by Ronning. Motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair. Nay: none. Absent: none

Planning Commission: Barb Farfsing gave update on Planning Commission April meeting. Rob Carson, county planner will begin work on the village zoning ordinance. Ordinance will be done for a Public Hearing in November. Election of officers was held.

Ad Hoc – Policy, Resolution & Ordinance Committee –Clerk McPherson reported Julie, our volunteer student, is a great help and is working on the policy notebook.


Clerk & Treasurer Appointment: Clerk McPherson talked with the council on a resolution to approve the ballot language for August 7, 2018 election.

Motion to approve the resolution for ballot language to appoint the clerk & treasurer on the August 7, 2018 ballot by Bass, seconded by Evans. Motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair. Nay: none. Absent: none

Community Clean-up Day – President Bair stated he had not applied for the gift certificate from Meijer to purchase food items, he will do this. Clerk McPherson stated she had asked Bear Lake Township if they would be interested in partnering with the village on this event. Township made no decision.


  • Clerk McPherson explained the Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Redevelopment Ready Community Program (RRC). RRC has established a statewide RRC program to empower communities to shape their future and maximize economic potential. Farfsing & McPherson attended a two-day course outlining this program. Two steps need to take place now; a self-evaluation of the village of Bear Lake and a resolution to participate in this program. Grant money and funding could be available for the village through this program.

A Motion to sign the resolution to participate in the MRDC Redevelopment Ready Communities program by McPherson, seconded by Johnson. Motion carried.
Aye: Bass, Evans, Johnson, McPherson, Ronning, Ware, Bair. Nay: none. Absent: none




  • Community Dinner Thursday, April 19, at BLUMC. Food pantry also.

Meeting adjourned at 7:59p.m.
Respectfully Submitted,
Cindi McPherson, Clerk