Village Of Bear Lake March 28th 7pm Public Hearing re Kayak Launch and Fishing Pier

A reminder that if you are unable to attend the Village has a telephone conference service.

Conference Call-In to  1.302.202.1107, Conference code 149002.  Note:  a charge from your phone carrier could apply – we suggest using Google or Skype.

A number of subscribers sent in questions which we have forwarded this afternoon to the Village President Jeff Bair –

Good afternoon Jeff,

we have received a query wondering where the Kayak/Fishing Pier information is on the Village web site?  The current page only lists last year’s meeting notice and the prior conceptual plan?
Although there is no advance information about the project, the resident, who wishes to remain anonymous at this stage, asks for the following questions to be raised at the Public Hearing.
1. Have the current seasonal renters been surveyed for their acceptance/disapproval? As the Park is the only source of additional revenue to support Village programs, the reader worries we may be gaining a pier but losing campers.
2. How will this impact the safety of small children being so close to the parking activity.?
3. IS there sufficient parking for all these uses and those currently parking there to use the boat launch?
4. How does the design plan to accommodate the wastewater from the new bathroom facilities?
5. How will the plan accommodate fish cleaning?
6. Is there still a 50/50 agreement with the Township on facility maintenance – does this include upkeep on the main drive through the park which is laid on floating slabs?
7. How will the fishing pier conflict with those who currently fish from the Point onto the slabs? How will this affect fish habitat there?
8. Will the pier be removable in winter? If not how will it be protected from ice damage?
9. Will the pier be lit? If so what inspection protocols will be put in place, and who will be responsible for that, to avoid electrocution? How will a lit pier impact fishing at night?
And one comment – previous proposals had this located on South Shore Drive or at the property previously occupied by the Cook Station – both are considered by this reader to be a better location with better access of US31 and able to be served by seasonal portable sanitation at much less cost. Why was the location changed?
If you have a copy of the application and the new schematic please forward to Cindi so she can put it on your web site and send to us for publication so people have an opportunity to comment prior to the Village making a decision?
Kind regards,
Bear Lake News.

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