Village Of Bear Lake March 28th 7pm Public Hearing re Kayak Launch and Fishing Pier

A reminder that if you are unable to attend the Village has a telephone conference service. Conference Call-In to  1.302.202.1107, Conference code 149002.  Note:  a charge from your phone carrier could apply – we suggest using Google or Skype. A number of subscribers sent in questions which we have forwarded this afternoon to the Village President Jeff… Read More

Village of Bear Lake: March 28, 2018 7 PM Meeting Information

The following was received: [see prior posting here] AGENDA PUBLIC MEETING Village of Bear Lake Public Hearing Natural Resources Trust Fund Application for Proposed Kayak/Canoe Launch and Fishing Pier site March 28, 2018 7:00 p.m. – Bear Lake Village Hall CALL TO ORDER – Bear Lake Village President, Jeff Bair PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE INTRODUCTIONS PRESENTER:  Pat Bentley,… Read More

Village of Bear Lake Public Hearing Wednesday March 28, 2018 7pm.

At 9.04 am on Wednesday March 21, 2018, Bear Lake News received the following: “The Village of Bear Lake has postponed their regular council meeting scheduled for today, March 21 at 7pm to Wednesday, March 28, 2018. There will be a Public Hearing on the Kayak/Canoe Launch at 7pm, the regular March 2018 monthly meeting will follow.… Read More

DRAFT Village of Bear Lake Water Ordinance

As the Village of Bear Lake has now committed to a $1.43m loan toward construction of 2 new drinking water wells plus extensive construction on the water distribution system (which includes for the first time water meters) – it has been considering changes to the existing Water Ordinances. This DRAFT… Read More

Village of Bear Lake: Special Meeting February 27, 2018

Village of Bear Lake Council PUBLIC MEETING WATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT PROJECT And additional items February 27, 2018, 7PM Bear Lake Village Hall Unapproved Minutes The Special Meeting on the WATER SYSTEM IMPROVEMENT PROJECT and additional items of the Bear Lake Village Council was called to order by President Jeff Bair at 7:00 p.m. at the… Read More