Village Variety Store Update

Source: Manistee County Commission DRAFT November 21, 2017 Minutes


Ryker Johnson and Jim Johnson of Onekama, requested permission to examine the area of the building and blue home in the downtown area in the Village of Bear Lake, that is scheduled for demolition soon. If any artifacts are found, they will be donated to the Manistee County Historical Society. There was a concern about the liability of the dilapidated building and others wanting to be on the property. It was a consensus to deny the request to allow Ryker and Jim Johnson permission to enter onto said property prior to and through demolition. Once the building is demolished, this could be reviewed in the spring 2018.


Russell Pomeroy, County Treasurer, presented his monthly report. Mr. Pomeroy reported that the dilapidated building in downtown Bear Lake will be torn down the last week in November 2017. He recognized and thanked Gary Buren of Lakeshore Construction, for putting together bid specs and writing the RFP, accepting bids and vetting the contractors all at no cost. The demolition project has come in significantly below what was expected at a cost of $57,500. The bid was won by a large Grand Rapids contractor who owns their own landfill. The demolition, permits and fees will cost total approximately $78,000 total. The demolition process will be taken down slowly as the contractor will be recycling the bricks.

Mr. Pomeroy will amend the request to the Revenue Sharing Board for funds. Between the blight elimination fund, the foreclosure fund and the Revenue Sharing Fund, and the bid coming in well below what was expected, there will not be a burden placed on the schools with less tax revenue.

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