Village of Bear Lake, December 13, 2017 Meeting Documents

Employee ETO Policy Nov 2017

T Report November 30, 2017 (1)


Res for Vil Clerk – Treas Ord Prop 11-30-17

Water Ordin 11-27-17 (1)


Annual Holidays

The Village of Bear Lake observes the following holidays:

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Friday after Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve Day, and Christmas Day.

Paid Holidays

All full-time employees will receive holiday pay of eight straight hours at their regular rate.

Holiday pay will not be paid if:

1. The employee has been on the payroll for less than 90 days.

2. The employee is on lay-off status.

3. The employee is a temporary or seasonal employee.

4. The employee is on leave of absence when the holiday occurs.

5. The employee is requested to work during a paid holiday and employee refuses to do so.

Employees who are requested to work during a paid holiday will receive holiday pay plus regular pay.

Earned Time Off (ETO): (for new employees after January 1, 2004)

At the end of the employee’s first year as a full-time employee of The Village of Bear Lake, an employee is entitled to forty (40) hours and eighty (80) hours of paid ETO after two (2) years of continuous employment with the Village of Bear Lake.

Vacation time may be taken in increments of one full day but must be prescheduled and pre-approved. Three (3) days of vacation may be carried over to the following year, but must be used before December of the following year.

The Village of Bear Lake does NOT provide paid vacation time for part-time employees.


Vacation pay is the employer’s regular rate of pay, excluding overtime or holiday premiums.

Pay will NOT be granted in lieu of vacation time not taken.

Scheduling Vacations

The Village of Bear Lake will attempt to grant all employees vacation time at the time they desire, therefore: vacation time must be scheduled in advance and with prior approval.

Termination and Vacation Pay

When employment ends for any reason, vacation time earned but not taken by the employee will be included in the employee’s final paycheck. At the same time, vacation time taken in advance will be deducted from final paycheck.

Jury Duty

Full time employee will receive full pay during jury duty, however, the employee will turn over his/her court pay to the village. Employee may keep mileage pay from court.

Funeral Leave Policy

Only permanent full-time employee will be eligible for funeral leave benefits, and the benefits become effective after 90 days of employment.

Time allowed: Employee may be granted up to a three-day leave (three consecutive working days) with pay in the event of the death of an immediate family member:

Husband / Wife


Step Child

Mother / Father

Step Mother/ Father

Mother / Father In- law

Brother / Sister

Step brother / sister

Funeral Pay: pay will be figured at the regular rate of pay.

Leave without pay: If an employee is not eligible for funeral leave with pay, they may be given time off without pay in case of a death in the family. Time off without pay, pay may be arranged to attend the funeral of a close friend. Each day off will be counted as an absence without pay.

When granted funeral leave benefits, it is mandatory that you attend the funeral of the relative for whom such funeral leave was requested.

APPROVED THIS DAY _______ December. 2017

VILLAGE PRESIDENT ___________________________

Jeff Bair

VILLAGE CLERK __________________________________

Cynthia McPherson


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