Two Lakes Sewer Authority Meeting, December 6, 2017 4pm

The Two Lakes Sewer Authority meeting set for Wednesday at 4pm at Bear Lake Township Hall, corner of Virginia Street and US 31 Bear Lake. HAS BEEN CANCELLED

This date is listed on the Events Page> Calendar of the Village of Bear Lake but no information is listed on either Onekama, Bear Lake or Pleasanton Township web sites. Onekama Township and the Village of Bear Lake are currently displaying differing versions of the September organization meeting Minutes. None of the entities have published Draft Minutes for the October 4 meeting.

At the September, no later than October 2017, a schedule of meeting dates, times and locations should have been published together with an approved budget.

Also, no contact name, email, telephone and mailing contact information is published on any participating municipality web site.

The November Meeting was cancelled by printed notice on the door of Bear Lake Township Hall.

OPEN MEETINGS ACT Act 267 of 1976

15.265 Public notice of regular meetings, change in schedule of regular meetings, rescheduled regular meetings, or special meetings; time for posting; statement of date, time, and place; applicability of subsection (4); recess or adjournment; emergency sessions; meeting in residential dwelling; notice. [M.S.A. 4.1800(15) ]

Sec. 5.

(1) A meeting of a public body shall not be held unless public notice is given as provided in this section by a person designated by the public body.

(2) For regular meetings of a public body, there shall be posted within 10 days after the first meeting of the public body in each calendar or fiscal year a public notice stating the dates, times, and places of its regular meetings.

(3) If there is a change in the schedule of regular meetings of a public body, there shall be posted within 3 days after the meeting at which the change is made, a public notice stating the new dates, times, and places of its regular meetings.

(4) Except as provided in this subsection or in subsection (6), for a rescheduled regular or a special meeting of a public body, a public notice stating the date, time, and place of the meeting shall be posted at least 18 hours before the meeting in a prominent and conspicuous place at both the public body’s principal office and, if the public body directly or indirectly maintains an official internet presence that includes monthly or more frequent updates of public meeting agendas or minutes, on a portion of the website that is fully accessible to the public. The public notice on the website shall be included on either the homepage or on a separate webpage dedicated to public notices for nonregularly scheduled public meetings and accessible via a prominent and conspicuous link on the website’s homepage that clearly describes its purpose for public notification of those nonregularly scheduled public meetings.

15.269 Minutes generally. [M.S.A. 4.1800(19) ]

Sec. 9.

(2) Minutes shall be public records open to public inspection and shall be available at the address designated on posted public notices pursuant to section 4. Copies of the minutes shall be available to the public at the reasonable estimated cost for printing and copying.

(3) Proposed minutes shall be available for public inspection not more than 8 business days after the meeting to which the minutes refer. Approved minutes shall be available for public inspection not later than 5 business days after the meeting at which the minutes are approved by the public body.

The designated time, 4pm, precludes the attendance of employed citizens or those with school aged children.

NOTE: The December 6 meeting has also now been cancelled.

From: Jeffrey Harthun <>
Sent: Monday, December 4, 2017 10:49 PM
Subject: Re: Meeting
Mr. Meister has not called for a meeting.  I know that when we hear something about the grant we will hold a meeting.  When I hear something I will shoot you an email about them date and time.  I am pretty sure it will be held at the township hall in BL.

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