Village of Bear Lake Council meets this evening 11/15 at 7pm opening with a Public Meeting

This Public Meeting will take place immediately before the Regular Village Council Meeting.
will be having a Public Information Meeting on:
New DPW Maintenance Building
Meeting date: Wednesday, November 15, 2017
Meeting Time: 7pm
 Bear Lake Village Hall, 12376 Virginia Street, Bear Lake, Michigan 49614
Persons with disabilities needing accommodations for effective participation in the public hearing/public meeting should contact the Bear Lake Village Clerk at 231.970.2066 or at the above address one week in advance to request mobility, visual, hearing, or other assistance. 
Cindi McPherson Village Clerk
November 3, 2017 posted
NOTE: ​Conference Call-In to participate in meetings can be done by calling 1.302.202.1107, Conference code 149002.  Note:  a charge from your phone carrier could apply so if you are able we suggest using Skype or Google
Earlier this year it was noted that the estimated cost of this building, financing being sought via a USDA Loan, was $310,000
June Village of Bear Lake Minutes:

“At the request of the USDA & Rural Development, repayment of loan for construction of new DPW building (approx.. $310k over 30 yrs.) must be amended into the 2017- 2018 Village Budget. Loan repayment per month approx.. $1,225-$1500)▪ Motion to amend the budget for repayment of DPW building in 2017-2018 Budget as follows: General $1,800, Water $7,200, Park $1,800, Major $3,600, Minor $3,600, by Bass, seconded by McPherson. Motion Carried

Yays: Bass, Evans, Johnson. McPherson, Ronning, Schroeder, Bair

Nays: None”

The Public Meeting should give an indication of the prevailing interest rate which at the time was 4%

A financial advisor has asked if the Village has considered a tax exempt locally funded loan which was how the Township financed our new fire engine. (1.9%)

We have not thus far received an Agenda for tonight’s meeting and will post here when we do.

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