Update on Two Lakes Sewer Authority

The following was recently published on the Village of Bear Lake web site at http://www.bearlakemichigan.org/sewer-project.html – our apologies the original is not in a text readable format.

As these are the ‘approved’ Minutes residents will not have known an additional meeting was held at Bear Lake Township on October 4. If you would like to be added to the list of those requesting both notification of all future meetings, Meeting Packets and the Draft Minutes – please reply to this post.

Approved minutes with corrections (GMC)
Meeting called to order by Tim Ervin at 4:33 p.m.Individuals
Present: Tim Girven Ervin, Brian Sousa, Jeff Harthun, David Meister, Shelli Johnson, Judy Girven. Greg McPherson was present by conference call. 
Opening announcement and representative establishment read by Shelli Johnson, Notary.
Members include: Pleasanton Township Representative, Judy Girven;
Bear Lake Village Representative, Greg McPherson;
Bear Lake Township Representative, Jeff Harthun;
and Onekama Township Representative, David Meister.
Pursuant to Article 13, the following Officers were voted on:Motion by Harthun, Second by Girven to appoint Meister as Chair Person of the Sewer Authority Board. M/C 
Motion by Meister, Second by Girven to appoint Harthun as Vice Chair. M/C
Motion by Girven, Second by Harthun to appoint McPherson as Secretary. WC
Motion by Harthun, Second by McPherson to appoint Girven as Treasurer. WC
Board Members were sworn in to the Two Lake Collaborative Sewer Authority.
Meetings will be scheduled on the first Wednesday of each Month, starting with October 4, 2017 at 4:00 PM. The first meeting will be located at the Bear Lake Township Hall.
The Board acknowledged that the Open Meetings Act applies and public comments are accepted at the meetings.The Board shall provide a proposed annual budget to be considered for adoption at the next regular or special meeting of the Board. 
Motion by Girven, Second by Harthun to adopt Resolution # 2017-01, Two Lake Collaborative Sewer Authority Preparation and Submission of Planning Grant Application to USDA-RD. WC
Motion by Harthun, Second by Girven to adopt Resolution # 2017-02, Two Lake Collaborative Sewer Authority Selection of Wade Trim to Prepare USDA-RD Plan and Financing Application for Sewage Disposal System. MIC
Board Chair Meister requested the use of the Chair Person’s signature to approve the resolutions. Roll Call Vote: Harthun — Yes, Girven — Yes, McPherson
 — Yes
Request granted the Chair Person to Sign the Resolutions.
Recap of the meeting by Sousa.Grant Application will be submitted by October 1.Public Comment:Public comments were received and answered regarding: introduction of Panel Personnel, each Township involved will have the Meeting Minutes available for review by the public, relations between AES, Wade Trim, and the Authority was discussed, comments regarding pollution problems, costs, how much input will the public have, expert testing and results, grant money available.
Meeting adjourned 5:49 p.m.Shelli Johnson Notary

[NOTE – the following documents are available here: https://www.onekama.info/two-lakes-collaborative-sewer-proje

and the Bear Lake proposed Sewer District – https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/111d5a_e69a8a1ce9c24e079ad5069efac91bd2.pdf

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