Questions concerning Water Improvement Project

The July Draft Minutes contain the following:

Water: President Bair gave an update on water/well project; everything is in a hold pattern. Waiting on our attorney Hryns to finish some paper work. Project will go out to bid Fall 2017 after this is done.

New verbiage for the Water Ordinance will be tabled again for August meeting while an ordinance is retrieved, per Johnson. Water committee: Johnson, Jared Bair and Gary McBride.

Following the June meeting where questions were asked concerning the validity of water related Village ordinances, the following letter was sent on July 13, 2017:-

Good afternoon Peter,

I received a copy of your letter concerning the inconsistencies and contradictions in the Village Water Ordinance?
As I was Village President and a Trustee involved in most of the issues you discussed I just wanted to be sure you were sent the full version, as well as the add-on Cross Connection and Prohibition of Groundwater Ordinances?
I have long considered they need to bite the bullet and pay for all their ordinances to be codified? For example there are 2 numbered  2012-1. Some were never published at all. is 2001-01 which for the past 15 years was listed as #3
although no one seems to know who actually comprises the ‘bureau’.
Vern Best
Manistee News Advocate have already supplied us with published notices for 2015 and 2016 – It does not appear that 2015-02 was published although it was voted on.
Motion by Hyrns seconded by Bass to approve the Prohibition of use of Groundwater Ordinance. Edwards – yes, Hyrns- yes, Ronning – yes, Gee – No, Bass – yes, Johnson- yes, Bair – Yes. Motion carried.
A copy could not be found in the principle Ordinance File Book.

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