Errors and Omissions 1

In response to comments and questions concerning the recording of local government meetings our advisor published this previous post.

Upon reviewing the July Village Council Draft Minutes – published here – subscribers have noted the following questions when comparing the Draft Minutes to the audio recording.

[It should be noted that the audio quality of the new Village telephone conference line is poor. We have offered to provide a noise cancelling microphone as it appears the conference line is being provided via a wireless device.]

Following the May Council meeting, in time for this matter to be corrected in June, the Clerk was alerted that the Motion to approve the newly revised agreement concerning the MCCF Blight Elimination Fund was not included.

“A Subscriber has noted the DRAFT Minutes do not contain the discussion and Motion (by Johnson. Second by McPherson) to accept the amended CABA Blight Elimination Fund agreement?”

By also approving the June Minutes in July, without correcting that omission, there is no official authorization to sign and enter into an amended agreement to oversee the Blight Elimination, not CABA, Fund with the Manistee County Community Foundation.


2 thoughts on “Errors and Omissions 1

  1. Wouldn’t it make sense for the village to comply with the request’s of other’s and due things correctly as is their job rather than do everything they can to continually do things incorrectly just for spite? No matter what the public says they do the opposite? Do they bother asking the people what they think about the sewer AND take the comments into consideration or just listen because it’s what the law says they have to do? I do not live in the village but do have village water and will be very unhappy if the sewer goes thru and they try to make me hook up! I think the village board consists of church friends and relatives and is very very close to being non-compliant to some governing laws. I feel that there is an attitude of superiority of the board for some reason and it’s just escalating some very bad blood between alot of people. One person has said the board has made great strides and I along with many others can’t wait to see what those are!

    1. A review of infrastructure debt, approved and being considered, has been prepared by an accounting professional and will be posted later this weekend.

      Agin we encourage polite and reasoned questions. We will not post or respond to any others.

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