Village of Bear Lake: Conference callin service established

Bear Lake Village Council meetings may now be accessed via telephone conference call.

Date:Wednesday, July 19, 2017
Phone number:1.302.202.1107 (this maybe a long distance call with charges for some – in which case we suggest calling in via Skype or Google VOIP service)
Conference Code: 149002
Please observe the Meeting protocols.

8 thoughts on “Village of Bear Lake: Conference callin service established

  1. I am very disheartened at the recent Facebook post about the people involved with the Independent News.

    1. The history of the previous proposed sewer is an indicator of possible costs – bearing in mind the current proposal may not utilize the gravity collection system previously called for in the Village at a cost of $3.3m.

      At that time the REU per single family home was stated at $80 per month with an additional treatment fee of @$24 per month to reimburse the Village of Onekama for the use of their treatment facility.

      The costs in 2003 specific to the Village can be seen in Tables in the Preliminary Engineering Report referenced in the link above.

      1. Dave Meister said at the sewer meeting Thursday that “it shouldn’t be more than $15,000 per house to hookup!” Seriously?

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