Receipt of May Village Council Reports – Maintenance

On June 9, 2017 the following were received: these PDF documents are provided here as supplied by the Village Clerk, they have been reformatted for text readability here by a volunteer.

May 2017 Village Council meeting maintenance report

May 2017 Village Council meeting maintenance report


  • Kept up with grading the road
  • Got two loads of road gravel filled in all the potholes
  • Picked Up more lumber and started working on the picnic tables that needed work done
  • Daily bathroom cleaning and trash pickup
  • Started mowing and trimming in the park weekly
  • Got a few trash cans out and around the park
  • Got a bigger dumpster for all the trash


  • Got the tan truck back from the shop
  • Planning on bringing the red work truck in soon to get a yearly service done


  • Daily well checks
  • Monthly water paperwork and water testing done
  • Weekly well checks with Ben (Our licensed operator at this time)
  • Couple water turn ons
  • Couple water turn offs
  • Weekly mowing at the well houses
  • Met with the DEQ to look over the wells
  • Helped fix a water service


  • Picked up some sand piles around town
  • Cleaned up around a few storm drains
  • Put a new flag up at the shop
  • Started putting up the American flags around town
  • Put out all the flower pots
  • Moved the compost pile around
  • Weekly mowing around all the other spots around town
  • Going to start putting trash cans around town soon
  • Put a no parking sign up on the corner of smith and main
  • Did some landscaping out front of the offices
  • Temporarily fixed a few potholes around the town
  • Cut down a tree at the pickleball courts

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