Three Lakes Sewer – accessible documents

Here is a text outline from the PowerPoint Slides presented plus associated graphics.

Three Lakes Sewer Authority

Sanitary Sewage  Collection and Transport Project

March 17 and 18,  2017

Brian C. Sousa, P.E.


1. What is the project?

2. What areas does it propose to serve?

3. What are the anticipated costs?

4. How will the Authority pay for the system?

What is the Project?

• Sewer collection system for “lakeshore properties”

• Delivery to Little River Band of Ottawa Indians(LRBOI) WWTP

• Treatment by LRBOI

Service District

• Lakeshore properties around or near Arcadia, Portage and Bear Lakes

• Serving the following municipalities:

– Arcadia Township

– Bear Lake Township

– Pleasanton Township

– Village of Bear lake

– Onekama Township

On your property:

What are the anticipated system costs?

There are three distinct segments to the project:

– Onekama Twp. and pumping to LRBOI $13,000,000

– Bear Lake Twp., Village and Pleasanton Twp. Collection $14,400,000
            and pumping to M-22

– Arcadia Twp. Collection and pumping to Onekama $12,600,000

TOTAL $40,000,000

How will the Authority Pay for the System?

• Apply for Planning Grant

• Complete full RD funding application

– Preliminary Engineering report

– Environmental Reviews

– Financials

• Receive Letter of Conditions

• Complete design, permitting

• Hold bid opening

• Loan closing

• Special Assessment to cover construction

• Monthly user Rates to cover O&M

Next Steps?

• Create Authority

• Apply for Planning Grant

• Complete RD Application

• Receive Letter of Conditions

• Assess conditions and potential user costs

Potential Schedule

Form Authority April 2017

Submit Planning Grant April 2017

RD Application Submittal October 2017

Receive Letter of Conditions January 2018

Begin Design April 2018

Finalize design/receive permits December 2018

Open Bids March 2019

Start Construction May 2019


Annual O & M Inspections: I.H.S.. Sanitation Engineers  (Department of Health and Human Services)

On Call:: The staff rotates duties and one staff member is on call 24/7 

Back–Up Generator:: Critical infrastructure is on back–up generators 

Available Capacity to Treat:: 247,000 gallons per day

2 Aerated Cells, .200 MGD Capacity

Discharge is a Rapid Infiltration Bed, 533 lbs. B.O.D./Day with Irrigation System in the works  Available

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