4 thoughts on “Three Lakes Sewer – Presentations

  1. The discussions of a possible sewer installation has many different thoughts and feelings for alot of people. I think it’s shameful when someone’s objections to others ayes are dealt with by deleting people off a talk forum website. This is very telling….”they” only want to talk to and hear from people that are in favor of the sewer. The good Ole’ boys back at it again. There’s no other way to look at it.

    1. The Editorial Board of Bear Lake News believes that open, transparent government is not only the law but is also imperative for civil discourse. Without respect and civility there can be little trust.
      We encourage residents to attend local government meetings. Our intent is to ensure a flow of factual content.

      1. Bear Lake News has requested the PowerPoint Slides outline and Presenter Notes. In addition we have a volunteer who is currently transcribing the video recordings for those who don’t have Charter TV or a decent internet connection.

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