February 22 Village of Bear Lake Budget Amendment Meeting

No response was received for the request for accommodation for attendance at either the February 1 or February 22 meeting.

PDF of FY 2016-17 Budget Amendment Sheets as provided

Fiscal Year 2016-17 End Amendments

2017-18 Budget Worksheets

Bear Lake News Subscribers submitted the following questions for review at the February 1, 2017 Budget Meeting. The following was received in reply on February 22:

Listed are the answers to your questions you submitted.
1. If deficits are noted at the close of the current FY in any Fund, and it becomes necessary to use reserve savings to make up the difference – has that been carried over to the FY17-18 spreadsheets
A. No, it is a 2016-2017 transaction.
General Fund:
1. Has the Council discussed the increasing % of Property Tax income that now goes to cover wages and salaries? $56k in income v $76,700 in expenditures. Can you list the current combined payment to the Village President that comes from all sources.
A. Wages & salaries are distributed to all funds where employees worked.
We are unsure of where you got the $76,700 number from, please explain.
[ From previously supplied spreadsheets:
President pay: monthly $250, quarterly $450, Maintenance Supervisor $1,000.
[it is customary for the Park Manager to receive a % of Park rental fees, please clarify?]
2. How many part time employees does the Village currently have, contractual or employee, at what rate of pay and what duties do they perform. Is there now a requirement for 2 individuals to be present when snow plowing Village streets.
A. Part-time employees are Larry Gibson – Blight Officer, Lane Lee & GaryMcBride.  – Maintenance.  One paid person drives the plow truck.
3. A line item of $1000 has been created for ‘Election’ – is the Village anticipating a need to reimburse the Township for election services this year.
A. The amount has always been there to the best of our knowledge.
4. Public Utilities – at $17,000 for which services and locations is this anticipated.
A. All public Utilities and all village owned locations.
[we have asked for a more specific breakdown of services per location]
5. $5800 is budgeted. Actual expenditures on tree damage this current year is over $12,000, with trees also being listed in both Minor and Major Funds. When tree invoices are paid is it noted where the location is to comply with State regulation.
A. $12,000 was from 16/17 budget. yes, location is noted, Major/Minor
Major and Minor Streets
1. With action pending at the State level to eliminate State Income tax does the Village have any reserve funds or plan to express it’s opposition to such action.
A. No
1. if the proposal is to eliminate several prime Park lots – what steps have been considered to explain the increase in rental income (to $38k when actual rent income  is listed at $33,360)
A. There is no proposal.
[we have asked for detailed information on siting of the proposed Kayak launch which is the subject of a Public Hearing March 13 at the Village Hall to consider an application for funding from the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund]
2. $10k is listed as Salaries and Wages – can you elaborate please which employees this relates to and where the corresponding Park line item for Withholding appears (actual expenditure is currently $14,565) During summer 2016 the Village employed at least 2 additional part time employees – does this budget anticipate requiring the same number in 2017, at what rate of pay, for how many hours, and are they classed as contractual or an employee.
A. Wages are tranfered to General Fund. At this time we anticipate 1 part-time employee. $9.00 per hour.  Employee
3. Public utilities are listed at $12k – actual expenditures in FY16-17 is overdrawn by $2,810 to $10,360. What steps are being taken to do an energy audit in the Park to bring those costs down.
A. No engergy audit will be done. This depends on what type of camper/trailers are in the park.
1. An increase in water bill revenue is listed at $100k ( $70k in FY16-17). The discussion and approval of an increase in water rates has not taken place yet, what is the anticipated monthly/quarterly increase.
A. We approved this at our February 2017 meeting for rate increase in April & October of 2017.
2. Salaries and Wages have increased from $2,500 to $10,000 – for which employees is this increase necessary
A. Treasurer, President & Maintenance staff spending more time with water system.
3. Sewer Project – $3,500 – at which public meeting was the need to allocate this amount convened and for what purpose
A. Done at February 2017 meeting, to further investigate the cost.
4. Professional Services at $14k – current FY16-17 Budget is for $20k with actual expenditures at $22,806. How is the reduction in expenditures anticipated when the current agreement with Mead Hunt is as follows:

Weekly pricing is on Time and Materials (T&M) basis at $50.00 hour with minimum of 4 hours plus Water Sample Analysis as required by the MDEQ. All water samples analyzed will be at the Villages expense with invoices billed on a T&M basisCall-outs and Extra Time are at $65/hour with authorization only by the designated representative of the Village of Bear Lake.

Weekly site visit, well house/wellhead inspection, chlorine application and distribution system residuals monitoring, hands-on Village employee training and water sample collection and delivery to the labminimum of $200.00 per visit.

Will the Village have a fully certified water system operator on staff this year?

A. We are looking into different possibilities.

5. Bond payment has increased from $10k to $25k – Bond Interest increased from $2,200 to $14k.
Please explain.
A. We may need to make a double bond payment for this year.
Cindi McPherson, Clerk
Village of Bear Lake


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