Village of Bear Lake: DRAFT March Regular Minutes and Approved Special Minutes

The Village no longer records meetings. As a service for those unable to attend, volunteers supply recordings as permitted under the Open Meetings Act.  As no volunteer was available in March, Bear Lake News requested the Village provide the same telephone number for a public access conference bridge to listen to this meeting as was… Read More


The following was adopted at the March Village Council Meeting: Motion to adopt Resolution 2017-3, Support of The Village of Bear Lake submission of application to the Michigan Natural Resource Trust Fund for Development of a universally accessible canoe/kayak floating dock, and fishing pier & other amenities at Hopkins Park by Bass, seconded by McPherson.… Read More

Three Lakes Sewer – Articles of Incorporation – Draft approved.

The following were provided by the Village of Bear Lake Clerk. At the March Regular Meeting: Motion to adopt the Articles of Incorporation, Three Lake Collaborative Authority by G.McPherson, seconded by Schroeder. Motion carried. Aye: Bass, McPherson, Johnson, Schroeder, Bair Nay: None Absent: Ronning ARTICLES OF INCORPORATION ONEKAMA – ARCADIA – PLEASANTON – BEAR LAKE… Read More

Three Lakes Sewer Project – Q&A

As a text readable accessible document. THREE LAKES COLLABORATIVE  SEWER INITIATIVE Arcadia Township • Bear Lake Township • Onekama Township • Pleasanton Township • Village of Bear Lake Information and Frequently Asked Questions The following is general information and responses to questions posed by the general public about the “Three Lakes Collaborative Sewer Initiative,” an… Read More

AGENDA: Village of Bear Lake Council Meeting. March 15, 2017 7:00 p.m

No response was received to a request for reasonable accommodation for those who are unable to attend due to employment, disability, infirmity by speakerphone. AGENDA Village of Bear Lake Council Meeting March 15, 2017 7:00 p.m. – Village Hall CALL TO ORDER and PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE ROLL CALL ADOPTION of AGENDA Additions: PUBLIC COMMENT: Any… Read More