Unapproved October 2016 Village of Bear Lake Council Minutes

The following DRAFT Minutes were obtained via FOIA – no Finance Reports were attached. The Clerk confirms that none were prepared for this meeting. One Trustee declined to approve paying the presented bills in the absence of financial statements.

The Village no longer audio tapes it’s meetings. The following is one of two independent audio recordings of this meeting.

Village of Bear Lake Council

REGULAR MEETING September 21, 2016 [error in DRAFT as received, these are the October Minutes] Bear Lake Village Hall

Unapproved Minutes

The regular meeting of the Bear Lake Village Council was called to order by President Jeff Bair at 7:00 p.m. at the Village Hall.  Pledge of Allegiance was said by all.

Present:  President: Jeff Bair Council: Peggy Bass, Ron Ronning, Jackie Johnson, Janene Gee, Carver Edwards    Treasurer: Sally King  Staff: Jared Bair, Larry Gibson

Absent:  Clerk: Cindi McPherson 

Guests:    Pauline Jaquish, Jeanne Walsh-Vision, Lee Vision, Donna Ronning, Bernard Ware Jr., Sally Gibson, Myrna & Richard Walter, Paula Preuss, Bill Beaver, Janette May, Barb Farfsing

Motion to Adopt the Agenda as presented by Bass and seconded by Johnson, motion carried.

Aye: Edwards, Johnson, Gee, Bass, Ronning and Bair

Nay: none

Public Comment:  from Jeanne Walsh-Vision regarding the Updated Planning Commission Ordinance.  Walsh-Vision stated she has requested a copy of the original and the Village has been unable to locate it.  President Bair stated that was the purpose of reviewing and voting on the Ordinance this evening.  Walsh-Vision also stated the website as an incorrect Ordinance posted on it.  Further, members cannot be appointed until there has been an Ordinance approved.  The current membership of the Planning Commission (PC) is in violation of the Michigan Planning and Enabling Act of 2008.  Walsh-Vision read from the Act and closed by stating every decision that’s been made is arbitrary and capricious and is in violation, including the Master Plan.  [The Act can be found on the web at: www.legislature.mi.gov/documents/mcl/pdf/mcl-Act-33-of-2008.pdf]

Correspondence:  none


  1. September 21, 2016 minutes:  add N in Unapproved at the top.  Motion to approve minutes as corrected by Bass, seconded by Ronning.

Aye: Edwards, Johnson, Bass, Ronning and Bair

Nay: Gee

  1. Maintenance Report:  Reports for Park, Water, Equipment and General were read by Jared Bair.  Written report on file in the 2016 Minutes binder.
  2. Treasurer’s Report:   read by King.  Report on file in the 2016 Minutes binder.

Equipment Fund  checking/savings total 3,275.18

Honor Bank CD                 25,994.18

Minor Street checking/savings total           22,252.96

Major Street checking/savings total             41,858.68

Park checking/savings total           25,422.20

Water  checking only           14,578.91

Money Market Account           10,037.38

General checking/savings total           40,660.07

Motion to accept Treasurer’s Report by Edwards seconded by Ronning – motion carried.

Aye: Edwards, Johnson, Gee, Bass, Ronning and Bair

Nay: none

  1. Bills to be paid were read by King.  Motion to pay the bills as presented by Johnson, seconded by Bass.  Motion carried.  List of bills is found at the end of the minutes.

Aye: Edwards, Johnson, Bass, Ronning and Bair

Nay: Gee

  1. Reimbursements to the General Fund were read by King.  Total to General Fund:  $2,015.00

Reimbursement list is found at the end of the minutes.

  1. Committee Chair Reports:

Park:  Closed.  5 trailers there but will be gone this weekend.

Trees:  One more which Mark Thompson will be checking near the corner of Virginia and Stuart.  Gee suggested checking on Arbor grants or something similar as we’re losing so many of our trees.

Streets:  nothing

Water:  Test wells have been drilled on new property; one came in at 160’ and one at 320’, good pressure on both.

Equipment:  waiting on potential grants.

Sidewalk:  no report

Museum:  has been disbanded

Blight/CABA:  Blight Enforcement Officer, Larry Gibson offered sincere Thanks to all who showed support for his family during their recent loss.  Follow-up on Stuart Street – met with owner, her request for financial assistance has been denied-she will appeal but feels she will lose the property in January due to non-payment of taxes.  Virginia Street – met with owner’s daughter who stated she is in negotiation with a party to purchase the property.  Gee questioned status on Variety Store – Blight Enforcement Officer will contact attorney Jeff Jocks and have full report at next meeting.

Planning Commission:  later in meeting.

Ad Hoc – Policy, Resolution & Ordinance Committee – no report


  • Hall signage:  Lee Vision has talked with school; they’re not able to take on at this time.  Will check again later in the year.  Jeff has also checked into plasma cutting on metal.  Will wait for more information.
  • Speed bumps:  Janene will have more information at a later date.
  • Manistee County Trail Committee:  Volunteer, Dendra Best, has not been able to attend meetings nor do a video conference.


  • Adoption of Title VI PlanTabled, not everyone received a copy so it hasn’t been reviewed.
  • Planning Commission Ordinance and By-Laws – Discussion ensued.  Barb stated all items have passed through the Village Council for approval.  When asked what things have been discussed Barb listed:  crowd funding, how to attract new businesses, sewer issues, water project, lakes to land for Manistee and Benzie counties.  Village Clerk to call Manistee paper on Monday regarding copy of original publication.  Tabled.


Jeanne Walsh-Vision questioned our milfoil payment; it is for the Village portion of the lake per President Bair.

Richard Walter – requested blight complaint form for the Reed building business operated by the Leckrone’s.  Blight Enforcement Officer provided form to Walter and others.  Also discussed speeding on Russell Street and possible solutions.  President Bair to check with County and State as necessary for speed limit on Russell Street.

Myrna Walter asked about the possibility of limiting the use of engine retarding brakes (Jake brakes) within the Village and possibly even approaching the Village.  Specifically on US 31 and on Russell and Potter Streets.

Bernard Ware Jr. asked everyone to get out and vote on November 8th.

Pauline Jaquish reminded everyone of Sparkle in the Park getting started.  Set up in November, with the opening the Friday of Thanksgiving.

General Note:  First day to not park on streets at night is November 15th.

COMING EVENTS:  Community dinner at BLUMC Thursday evening 5:00 – 6:30.

Meeting adjourned at 8:07p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sally King, Village Treasurer (Substituting for Clerk)

Bills To Be Paid and Reimbursements to the General Fund

Date: October 19, 2016

Staples $104.92 General Fund

Northern Fire & Safety $104.00 General Fund

Bittner Jennings Attorney’s – FOIA $700.93 General Fund

Mark Thompson – Tree/stump removal Wise/Maple St. $2,300.00 General Fund

Mark Thompson – village clean up $233.75 General Fund

Ron Brown – Asphalt $171.60 Minor Fund

Ron Brown – Grade, Cody Street $1,138.00 Major Fund

Pioneer Printing Co. – flyers for water info session $24.00 Water Fund

Bittner Jennings Attorneys $2,902.35 Water Fund

Haviland $460.50 Water Fund

Bear Lake Ace Hardware $5.98 Water Fund

Bear Lake Ace Hardware $108.82 Park Fund

Auto Wares/Auto Value $214.82 Park Fund

Bear Lake Improvement Board $441.00 Park Fund

Ron Brown & Sons – Gravel $362.20 Park Fund

$177.90 Park Fund



               Major Street 9/01/2016-9/30/2016 $440.00

               Minor Street 9/01/2016-9/30/2016 $440.00

               Park Fund 9/01/2016-9/30/2016 $915.00

               Water Fund 9/01/2016-9/30/2016 $220.00

               Total to transfer to General Fund = $2,,015.00

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