Audio recording of Village Water System Meeting 10/13/16

The Following documents were handed out at the meeting.

A new revised construction plan: (Click to view full size)


mdeq201416102016_2 – 2014 Notice

mdeq2014_financialactionplan16102016 – 2014 Suggested Financial and Asset Management

MDEQ January 20, 2015 re USDA Application – Notice regarding USDA application.

The following comments came from attendees via the web:
1.Why if it’s $1.4 why was the Notice for $1.8m
2: were any less expensive phased in approaches explored?
3. In the FB report it states “The MDEQ recommends the firm capacity of any water supply system meet or exceed the maximum day demands placed on the system. The historic maximum day demand (highest maximum day demand in the last 5 years) is 134 gpm, which is 69% of the Village’s firm capacity. The existing firm capacity is adequate to serve existing and future projected maximum day demands.”
4. why did $5000 have to come from a savings account to make the current bond payment?
5. why was the audit 6mo late?
6. why did the bored dismiss village residents petition?
7. if that’s correct, about it controlling flows, then why does your report forecast an identical before and after water usage – 106,000
8. 2.5mil grant dollars – how much of that has actually been secured?
9. can he speak up please
10. how can a meter possibly stop leaks
11. where in USDA guidance does it state that metering is mandatory?
12.  if hydrants are an issue why ahsn’t the Villlage installed the4 it already has
13. you haven’t ‘figured out’ quite a lot it seems
14.  is this meeting pointless? it sounds like it’s a done deal – and yet “we haven’t figured it out”!
15. $4 million project cost divided by 300 residents over 40 years means each man woman and child will pay over $333 per year for the next 40 years and that does not include usage and repairs. The median income of the Village is about $35,000 per year and over a third of our residents are at poverty level. How can they think taxpayers can afford this?
16. And one off every 6 taxpayers live on a fixed income!
17. why not replace the house lines instead of meters
18. These costs don’t even include sewer service – which is the next boondoggle
19. Actually that’s not true – there are funds available for distressed communities and the application was just released
20. it sounds like you don’t have many answers to the questions – I don’t know – we’ll see
21. $135 a quarter was what you sent out in one of ‘3’ notices – But the charge will have to add on the debt repayment fee?
22. your in the red already due to mismanagement
23. old faceful is gonna be maxed out!
24. great leaders!
25. Don’t use Mesick as an example – it is MUCH bigger and actually has a business base
26. So are we paying for the past neglect of the Village Council?
27. how many Council members that voted for this expect to be alive
28. so personal having the “leaders” so far away, couldn’t they have sat a little closer?
29. When was that pump calibrated? How do you know that’s an accurate figure
30. what’s stopping me from putting in my own well?
31. Those figures don’t add up – look at the Preliminary Engineering Report
32. yes I agree – analysis of the financials show this.
33. true your balance sheet shows an income of $113k to balance this budget and yet currently, with projected income is $65k, with the $135 a month in place and IF you say that includes the old $53k Bond payment – So where is the rest coming from?
34. then the village defaults
35. I will offer my services to provide free wells up to 25ft for all village residents!
36. you cannot have a well now the Village Council voted to prohibit it just prior to doing this project
37. how is money set aside when the village is in the red
38. But the engineering report projects exactly the same wter usage before and after
39. By ‘we’ I tak it not ‘we’ the people?
40. I’m sorry those figures are bogus – what about the school population aren’t they residents – why are you only dividing pumped water by 286 ‘resdients’?
41. have these funds/grants been awarded? or are they still pending?
42. would you be open to doing a smaller scale project only a portion of the village and those who By in and rewarded in their water bill is lower
43. This sounds like salesmaniship not logic
44. I’d like to see the Minutes of when that decision to expand the project was made
45. So basically it’s a done deal
46. have these funds/grants been awarded? or are they still pending?
47. So are we paying now for the past neglect of the Village Council?
48. what do you think about the ability to adopt a fire hydrant and take ownership of that and be able to paint it whatever color you want to paint it and make sure that it’s working and taking care of the removal of snow around that fire hydrant
49. there are rumors that Nathan wilder Evans would like to start in an initiative to adopt a fire hydrant
50. You have GOT to be joking! Transparency?
51. Where are the proofs and docuemnts
52. if you want to share information why did you wrong to not record meetings
53. if you want to share information why does the board not respond to foia request
54. if you want to share information why does the village not have a Facebook or social media account if you want to share information about the minutes
55. The only way to do soemthing about this is not vote fr them
56. Does anyone actually believe anything said toniht?


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