Unapproved October 2016 Village of Bear Lake Council Minutes

The following DRAFT Minutes were obtained via FOIA – no Finance Reports were attached. The Clerk confirms that none were prepared for this meeting. One Trustee declined to approve paying the presented bills in the absence of financial statements. The Village no longer audio tapes it’s meetings. The following is one of two independent audio… Read More

Audio recording of Village Water System Meeting 10/13/16

The Following documents were handed out at the meeting. A new revised construction plan: (Click to view full size) mdeq201416102016_2 – 2014 Notice mdeq2014_financialactionplan16102016 – 2014 Suggested Financial and Asset Management MDEQ January 20, 2015 re USDA Application – Notice regarding USDA application. The following comments came from attendees via the web: ————————– 1.Why if it’s $1.4 why… Read More