August 2016 Unapproved Minutes

Village of Bear Lake Council


August 17, 2016

Audio recording supplied by Audience Member as permitted under OPEN MEETINGS ACT. Act 267 of 1976

Bear Lake Village Hall

Unapproved Minutes (with attachments supplied by attendees)

The Regular Meeting of the Bear Lake Village Council was called to order by President Jeff Bair at 7:00 p.m. at the Bear Lake Village Hall.

Pledge of Allegiance – said by all.

Present: President: Jeff Bair Council: Carver Edwards, Peggy Bass, Janene Gee, Ron Ronning, Jackie Johnson, Larry Gibson, Treasurer: Sally King, Clerk: Cindi McPherson Staff: Jared Bair.

Absent: Don Hyrn

Guests:  David Reed, Jeanne Walsh Vision and Lee Vision, Don & Liz Raiff, Greg McPherson, Pauline Jaquish, Jeff Harthun, Barb and Rick Farfsing.

Motion to adopt the agenda with one addition; Ronning moved and Gee seconded, motion carried.

Aye: Johnson, Edwards, Ronning, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Hyrns

Addition; Old business: Manistee County Planning Department volunteer.

Public Comment: None


  • Email response from Jason Wilder Evans regarding last month’s email asking the council to do a proclamation for JWEDAY.  Johnson stated that a letter is to be sent to him letting him know the council appreciate his interest but the council has no intention of doing this. His letter is placed on file in 2016 Minutes binder.

Motion to accept the June 15, 2016 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes with correction. Johnson moved, Bass seconded. Motion carried.

Aye: Johnson, Gee, Ronning, Edwards, Bass, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Hyrns

Correction: page 2, Treasurer’s report, interest rate of 90%, should have been .90%.

Maintenance Supervisor Report: Jared Bair

  • Park Report, Water Report, General Report and Equipment Report
  • Addition:  curbing on Maple & Cody Streets, pricing estimate to be done.
  • Report on file in the 2016 Minutes binder

Treasurer’s Report: 

  •           Treasurer’s report read by King and placed on file in the 2016 Minutes binder.


           Equipment Fund        3,364.20

Savings – Honor Bank- Equip        25,988.82

           Minor Street Fund                  21,450.19

           Major Street Fund                         38,536.71

           Park Fund     28,114.97

CD – Honor Bank – Park    32,746.12          

           Water Fund                                18,225.80

MMA – water                    10,031.32 (Formerly Huntington Account)

           General Fund                   9,276.36

  • Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, moved by Ronning, Johnson seconded Motion carried. 

Aye: Johnson, Edwards, Ronning, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Hyrns

    Bills to be paid as presented – Bass moved, Gee seconded, motion carried.

Aye: Johnson, Edwards, Ronning, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Hyrns

  • List of “Bills to be Paid” is found at the end of this report.

Reimbursement to the General Fund:

Major Street 6/01/2016-6/30/2016   $00.00

Minor Street 6/01/2016-6/30/2016 $00.00

Park Fund 6/01/2016-6/30/2016 $922.00

Water Fund _ 6/01/2016-6/30/2016 $462.00

Total to transfer to General Fund=$1,384.00




  • Jeff Bair reported that sales (at $34.5) for campground are up for the year.


  • No report


  • No report


  • Water Review Board meeting on August 3 from 4p-7p, complete report on file in 2016 Minutes binder.
    • Bella Vista – will have an increase of 20-25%.  New rates will be discussed at later date when village residents rates increase.
    • Krista LeAnn’s Studio of Hair and Frank & Shannon Reed, recommendation to be assessed .75 REU’s per apartment & 1 REU for commercial space. To begin with second quarter (April 2016), no increase in fourth quarter.  New rates will be discussed at later date when village resident’s rates increase.
  • Motion to accept the Water Review Board report, moved by Gee, seconded by Bass, motion carried.

Aye: Johnson, Edwards, Ronning, Gee, Bass, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Hyrns


  • Jared Bair reported on well generator oxygen sensor needed replacement, $800
  • Jeff Bair reported that the Water Project is on hold.  A petition against the Water Project was delivered to the clerk.  A vote cannot be put on November ballot due to deadlines.  May be possible to do a special election.


  • Jared Bair reported that the street sweeper broke today. Approx. $1,000 to fix.

Sidewalks: Jeff Bair reported one residents still owes for sidewalk replacement.

Museum:  Jeff Harthun reported the museum is open on Saturdays 1-4p through September 2016.  They are taking donations.  Looking at doing fund raiser.  Harthun mention a concern regarding a roof leak over bathroom.  Jeff Bair will have this looked at.  They would also like to add window locks. Approval to go ahead with window locks .  Their Annual Meeting is September 13, 2016 at 7pm at the Museum.  Harthun mentioned he will still paint in fall of 2016 or Spring 2017, power wash & glaze windows also.  Village to get a price on steeple repair. Johnson suggested getting a construction engineer.   


  • Report from Blight Enforcement Officer, Larry Gibson.  Full report on file in 2016 Minutes binder.
    • Blight report over view.
      • Housekeeping items of: email, cell phone
      • Attended meeting with attorney Jocks
      • Informal contact was made with two property owners, good results with one.
      • An additional property is waiting for response from owner.
      • Starting a file on third property.

CABA – no report.

Planning Commission:

  • Barb Farfsing reported on the following items:
    • Garage Sale/yard Sale Ordinance
    • Kayak/canoe site
    • Flower gardens & project
    • Winter projects
      • Hopkins Park upgrades
      • Fishing & boat cleaning station
    • Realignment of campsites.
    • The need for more affordable housing & zoning ordinances
    • Blight project


  • Signage for Village Hall.  Guest, Lee Vision is working on a design, looking into students at area schools to help out when they are back to school.
  • Manistee County Planning Department volunteer, there was an village resident interested, Dendra Best,  Council approved her and McPherson will contact her to let her know.  McPherson will also let Manistee County Planning Department know our new volunteer. 

PUBLIC COMMENT: Guest Lee Vision wanted to know where we are with the Variety Store blight.  Jeff Bair reported our attorney, Jeff Jocks is reviewing the files from the court as “a party of interest”.

Guest Don Raiff would like to see quarterly information on Blight Elimination Funds under Blight Report.

Greg McPherson expressed concern on petition with delay of water project and possible loss of funding for the project.

COUNCIL MEMBERS:  Johnson mentioned the council may need extra meetings as we progress with the water project petition.  McPherson expressed concern with possible loss of business, Jeff Bair mentioned shut down of school if one of the wells go down.

Upcoming Events and Announcements:

  • Community Dinner at Bear Lake United Methodist Church on Thursday.

Meeting adjourned at 8:07pm

Respectfully Submitted, 

Cindi McPherson, Village Clerk


Bills to be paid – August 17, 2016

Auto-Wares Auto Value $14.60 General Fund

Mark Thompson & Tree & Stump $191.25 General Fund


Paradigm Electric $2,140.98 Water Fund

Mead & Hunt $971.40 Water Fund

PM Technologies $450.00 Water Fund

$377.06 Water Fund

Bear Lake Hardware $361.13 Park Fund

McBride Septic System $551.60 Park Fund

Bowling Enterprises, Inc. $200.00 Park Fund

Ron Brown & Sons $289.10 Park Fund

ARVC Michigan $1,042.00 Park Fund


Gabridge & Company $2,550.00

$1,532.55 General Fund

$309.31 Water Fund

$309.32 Park Fund

$154.79 Major Fund

$154.78 Minor Fund

$89.25 Equipment Fund

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