Village of Bear Lake Council REGULAR MEETING, unapproved July 20, 2016 Minutes

Obtained via FOIA

Village of Bear Lake Council


July 20, 2016

Bear Lake Village Hall

Unapproved – Approved are available on this page

The Regular Meeting of the Bear Lake Village Council was called to order by President Jeff Bair at 7:00 p.m. at the Bear Lake Village Hall.

Pledge of Allegiance – said by all.

Present: President: Jeff Bair Council: Carver Edwards, Peggy Bass, Janene Gee, Jackie Johnson Treasurer: Sally King, Clerk: Cindi McPherson Staff: Jared Bair.

Absent: Ron Ronning, Don Hyrns

Guests:  David Reed, Jeanne Walsh Vision and Lee Vision, Don Raiff, Greg McPherson, Pauline Jaquish, Barb and Rick Farfsing, Larry and Sally Gibson

Motion to adopt the agenda; Johnson moved and Gee seconded, motion carried.

Aye: Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Ronning and Hyrns

Public Comment: None


  • Letter from Manistee County Planning Department requesting a nomination of a interested citizen of the community to represent our community and serve on a “County Wide Multi-Use Trail Committee”.  Motion by Johnson to temporarily nominate Barb Farfsing as the village nominee.  A notice will be posted until next meeting to see if another individual of the village is interested. Bass seconded, motion carried.

Aye: Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Ronning and Hyrns

  • Email response from Jason Wilder Evans regarding last month’s email asking the council to vote in favor of celebrating June 12, 2016 as Jason Wilder Evans Day (JWEDAY).  Jason wanted the local government to appoint him Poet Laureate.  Email received on July 9, 2016, Jason wanted to know when he would receive his JWEDAY certificate.  Another email will be sent by the clerk to Jason re-inviting him to the council meeting the next time he is in town.  His letter is placed on file.

Motion to accept the June 15, 2016 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes with corrections. Gee moved, Johnson seconded. Motion carried.

Aye: Johnson, Gee, Edwards, Bass, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Ronning & Hyrns

Discussion & correction to Water Review Committee purpose wording.  See corrected June 15, 2016 minutes.

Maintenance Supervisor Report: Jared Bair

  • Park Report, Water Report, General Report and Equipment Report
  • Report on file in the 2016 Minutes binder

Treasurer’s Report: 


            Equipment Fund         3,364.17

Savings – Honor Bank- Equip   25,988.82

            Minor Street Fund        20,754.70

            Major Street Fund       37,014.08

            Park Fund      25,913.17

CD – Honor Bank – Park     32,769.52          

            Water Fund            10,344.14

MMA – water                     10,028.34 (Formerly Huntington Account)

            General Fund                   16,577.39

  • Treasurer presented council with question to renew the Park CD at Honor Bank at an interest rate of 90%.  Current CD is earning .29% interest. Motion was made by Bass to let it auto renew at .90%, seconded by Gee, motion carried.

Aye: Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Ronning and Hyrns

  • Amendment to the budget for the General Fund, Park Fund and Minor Fund.  Budget report on file.  Motion was made by Bass to amend the budget as presented, Johnson seconded.  Motion carried.

Aye: Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Ronning and Hyrns

  • Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, moved by Johnson, Bass seconded Motion carried. 

Aye: Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Ronning and Hyrns

     Bills to be paid as presented – Johnson moved, Bass seconded, motion carried.

Aye: Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Bair

Nay: Gee

Absent: Ronning and Hyrns

  • List of “Bills to be Paid” is found at the end of this report.
  • Discussion was held.

Reimbursement to the General Fund:

Major Street 6/01/2016-6/30/2016  $00.00

Minor Street 6/01/2016-6/30/2016 $00.00

Park Fund 6/01/2016-6/30/2016 $1,244.55

Water Fund 6/01/2016-6/30/2016 $220.00

Total to transfer to General Fund=$1,464.55



  • Jeff Bair reported that sales (at $32K) for campground are up for the year.


  • All being taken care of


  • Gee – speed bumps/humps or rumble strips.  Lynn Street to Cody Street and Smith Street up to the school.  Gee proposed the idea of speed bumps.  Ideas of how we can slow people down, Gee will get quotes, information on speed bumps.  Speed radar is a possibility.  Gee will follow up at August meeting.


  • Water Review Board will be meeting on August 3 from 4p-7p, Wednesday.
    • Discussion on member of Water Review Board by Jeanne Walsh, no outcome.
  • Jared Bair reported on a quote for maintenance agreement on backup water well generator, $825.00.  Motion was made by Johnson to continue maintenance agreement with PM Technologies & extend this through 2017.  Paid under this budget year.  Seconded by Edwards.  Motion carried.

Aye: Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Ronning and Hyrns

Equipment: Nothing

Sidewalks: Jeff Bair reported that the sidewalks did get done for $6900.00, $1400.00 will be billed back to property owners.

Museum:  Pauline Jaquish updated on museum progress; interior construction done, many things have been completed.  Funds are around $12K, many projects costing more than planned.  Did not make “soft opening” during Bear Lake Days, new date, August 6.  Jeff Harthun, president of Historical Society, drawing plans for items that the Eagle Scouts can work on.  Recruiting “Friends of the Museum”, glad there is support and need more funding to finish and continue.  David Reed commented how strong the ramp is and how well built.

Blight/CABA: Johnson reported on an individual for the Blight Enforcement Officer (BEO) position.  The Blight Committee is asking the council to consider Larry Gibson for this position. Gibson has met the criteria the committee was looking for. Discussion was held.

Motion was made by Johnson to appoint Larry Gibson as the new Blight Enforcement Office.  $20 per hour, 20 hours per month not to exceed 140 hours to the end of the fiscal year.  Gibson will get project/position going and running and will start with smaller projects. Blight Enforcement Officer will be reviewed at the end of fiscal year. Seconded by Bass, motion carried.

Aye: Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Ronning and Hyrns

CABA – Rick Farfsing reported that the facebook site that was put up last year and had 40 likes is now over 280 now.  A lot of people are viewing this site.  Farfsing reported on language in the Blight Elimination Fund which is the road map for how the village uses the money, it does not state the money can be for demolition & clean-up of varies buildings.  The purpose that was approved does not come out and say it would allow the monies to cover demolition.  New language is proposed as follows;“The purpose of the Blight Elimination Fund is to assist the Village with developing and implementing a blight elimination strategy that will benefit the general community.  Fund uses include: expenses involved with enforcing the Blight Ordinance (legal, engineering and other fees); providing matching dollars to help the Village secure grants for demolition, as well as paying the entire demolition costs; making site improvements under the control of the Village and other uses consistent with the purpose of the Fund.  The fund cannot be used for purchasing buildings or any other use that would enrich an individual property owner.  The Village Council will advise MCCF on the use of the monies with consensus of the Council’s Blight Enforcement Committee and the Community and Business Alliance.”

Motion was made by Johnson to accept the new language in the Blight Elimination Fund Purpose; seconded by Gee.

Aye: Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Absent: Ronning and Hyrns

Planning Commission: Discussion at meeting on current use of deck & how to make better use of it, grant money for Hopkins Park (Bath house) empty lots.  PlacePOP meeting, Sarah from Michigan Municipal League presented lots of ideas for projects in the community.  She is looking for funding ideas, Motto for MML is “Love where you live”.  McPherson reported, that Sarah had presented a slide show at the meeting showing ideas other communities have done.  Simply purchasing kids games to leave in the park for community to use.  Looking for groups to help implement ideas.  Gee would like to make and sell fun wands, she would use the profits to buy toys to put in the park. This would be something the Gee family would donate on own. 


  • Signage for Village Hall.  McPherson reported, new quotes from Steve Heller.  Guest, Lee Vision suggested we contact local school or tech center to see if they would be interested in working on this project.  McPherson asked if Lee Vision would be interested in being a part of a committee or heading a committee for the signs.  He said he would like to try, he will see how feasible this would be.  Gee will help him.
  • Community Clean-Up Day.  HUGE success, over 80 people participated from the village and surrounding area.  Many projects were completed.
  • Discussion on house with old camper, on corner of Cody, bank has cleaned up the lot & camper is gone.

PUBLIC COMMENT: Don Raife, suggested posting committee meetings on website calendar.   See Museum section for updated.  Jeanne Walsh Vision comment on meetings on website/job site.  Farfsing complimented on first rate museum, proactive talking on blight in village, funding raising, proactivity in the future and where we will be in the near future.  Said the council is “doing a great job”!  He appreciates everything they are doing for the village.


Upcoming Events and Announcements:

  • Community Dinner at Bear Lake United Methodist Church on Thursday.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42pm

Respectfully Submitted, 

Cindi McPherson, Village Clerk

Bills to be paid – July 20, 2016

Terra – clean storm drains $1,994.00 General Fund

West Coast Farm Services $3,830.45 General Fund

David Schneider Con. – sidewalks $6,871.50 General Fund

Manistee Tire Service – loader tractor $18.00 General Fund

Mark Thompson Tree & Stump $397.50 General Fund

Paradigm Electric – Museum $688.50 General Fund

Beckman Production Services – Dust control $131.00 General Fund

IRS Department of Treasury $142.20 General Fund

Gabridge & Co. $150.00 General Fund

Staples $74.98 General fund

Mead & Hunt $1,203.70 Water Fund

Mead & Hunt $160.49 Water Fund

Mead & Hunt $1,429.40 Water Fund

Bittner Jennings Attorneys $1,820.33 Water Fund

Bittner Jennings Attorneys $60.38 Water Fund

West Coast Farm Services $35.00 Park Fund

Ron Brown & Sons – top soil $93.78 Park Fund

Ron Brown & Sons $58.30 Minor Fund

Ron Brown & Sons $55.00 Minor Fund

Bear Lake ACE Hardware $1,000.00 Water Fund

$811.08 Park Fund

McBride Septic Systems $721.24 Park Fund

$230.00 Water Fund

Pioneer Printing Co. $59.00 General Fund

$83.00 Water Fund

$82.00 Park Fund

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