JOB DESCRIPTION Blight Enforcement Officer

[This item may be discussed at Wednesday July 20 Village Council Meeting]

Village of Bear Lake

JOB DESCRIPTION Blight Enforcement Officer

Reports to: Blight Committee Chair, Village President, Village Council

Overview: The Blight Enforcement Officer is the chief enforcement officer for the Village Blight Ordinance.

Duties: Monitor and enforce Village of Bear Lake’s Blight Ordinance in various ways including utilization of the Civil Infraction Ordinance. Investigate complaints. Issue citations as required. Support the Village’s interest in any litigation.

Qualifications preferred:

 Experience in general law enforcement.

 Experience in conflict resolution.

 Understanding of the general operations of a small community: both formal and informal.

 Fairness and impartiality.

Salary: Commiserate with experience and qualifications. This position is open until filled.

Please contact the Village of Bear Lake 231.970.2066. Office days and hours are Monday – Friday, 1pm -3pm Village of Bear Lake Clerk, Cindi McPherson

Blight Ordinance – Read Here.

{Note: the Village of Bear Lake Current Census figures} Totals- 95 Families, Adult population 255, employed 155. Median Household Income $35,139. Total Housing Units 185.


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