Within an inch of disaster ….

http://news.pioneergroup.com/manisteenews/2016/07/28/vandals-damage-main-gas-line-bear-lake-school/ The purpose of this site is usually to present news, factual documents without opinion or editorials. However, a little before 3am on the morning of Wednesday July 27, 2016 an incident occurred which constitutes a grave threat to human life in the Village of Bear Lake. 2-3 individuals took a heavy implement and broke off… Read More

Calling all Village of Bear Lake residents

Volunteer Position The Village of Bear Lake is looking to fill a volunteer position for the Manistee County Planning Department. The County Planning Commission has recommended the formation of a representative from each local unit of government wishing to participate in trail development at a countywide and local level. This volunteer position would represent The… Read More

JOB DESCRIPTION Blight Enforcement Officer

[This item may be discussed at Wednesday July 20 Village Council Meeting] Village of Bear Lake JOB DESCRIPTION Blight Enforcement Officer Reports to: Blight Committee Chair, Village President, Village Council Overview: The Blight Enforcement Officer is the chief enforcement officer for the Village Blight Ordinance. Duties: Monitor and enforce Village of Bear Lake’s Blight Ordinance… Read More