Village Council meets 7pm June 15, 2016

2016-2017 Budget spreadsheet

Michigan Department of Treasury Village Audit Filings.

The Village has received a letter of non compliance for filing the FY2014-15 Audit more 6 months past due.

May 25, 2016: Thank you for submitting a qualifying statement for Bear Lake Village to the Michigan Department of Treasury on May 24, 2016. Based upon the information provided in the qualifying statement, we have determined that Bear Lake Village is not in material compliance with the following criteria as identified in section 303(3) of Public Act 34 of 2001:

 Subsection [d] the municipality has not filed its most recent audit report with the department within 6 months from the end of the fiscal year of the municipality.

Therefore, Bear Lake Village is not authorized to issue municipal securities under this act without further approval from the Department. You may request reconsideration of this denial or you may request prior approval from the Department for each municipal security that you issue until you are eligible to submit your next qualifying statement.

2015 Audit

Refer to Pages 44-46

All Audits from 2004 to date are available from:
Michigan Department of Treasury Village Audit Filings.

Enter: County, Village, leave Year blank and leave Select Document Type.


Village of Bear Lake Council May 18, 2016 Unapproved Minutes

Village of Bear Lake Council REGULAR MEETING May 18, 2016

Unapproved Minutes available: Archived here.

Village of Bear Lake Council


May 18, 2016

Bear Lake Village Hall


The Regular Meeting of the Bear Lake Village Council was called to order by President Jeff Bair at 7:00 p.m. at the Bear Lake Village Hall.

Pledge of Allegiance – said by all.

Present: President: Jeff Bair Council: Ron Ronning, Carver Edwards, Peggy Bass, Jackie Johnson, Janene Gee Treasurer: Sally King, Clerk: Cindi McPherson Staff: Jared Bair.

Absent: Don Hyrns

Guests: Pauline Jaquish, Barb Farfsing, David Reed, Jeanne Walsh Vision, Lee Vision, John O’Hagan .

Motion to adopt the agenda; Edwards moved and Ronning seconded, motion carried.

Aye: Ronning, Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Public Comment: Guest John O’Hagan(running for Sheriff) gave introduction & resume of himself. Reminded us to vote in August.

Correspondence: Email from AJ Battaglia, May 4, 2016, requested on behalf of Bear Lake Days that the main streets be shut down for the parade route that evening and adjustments made accordingly due to the deteriorating building.  Also requested Main Street be blocked off on Saturday for the arts & craft fair.  Scottville Clown Band preforming either before or after the parade. Discussion was held on aftermath of celebration and who should clean up?  Suggestions; Boy Scouts, Girls Scouts, National Honor Society students.

Motion to close streets for Bear Lake Days and Arts & Craft, Bass moved, Gee seconded, motion carried.

Aye: Ronning, Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Motion by to accept the April 20, 2016 Regular Monthly Meeting Minutes with corrections. Bass moved, Ronning seconded. Motion carried.

Aye: Ronning, Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Maintenance Supervisor Report: Jared Bair

  • Park Report, Water Report, General Report and Equipment Report
  • Report on file in the 2016 Minutes binder
  • Storm drain clean-up. $2,000 TARA
  • Bryson Waller resigned his position with the village.

Treasurer’s Report: Read by King and placed on file in the 2016 Minutes binder.

Motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, moved by Ronning, Gee seconded Motion carried. 

Aye: Ronning, Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

FUND NAME                 GRAND TOTAL
Equipment Fund           3,453.18
Minor Street Fund        21,221.37
Major Street Fund        37,724.10
Park Fund                      22,977.77
Water Fund                    15,259.80
General Fund                  24,863.75
CD – Honor Bank – Park  32,722.72
MMA – water    5,027.30 (Formerly Huntington Account)
Savings – Honor Bank- Equip        25,983.64

Bills to be paid with correction & additions – Gee moved, Johnson seconded, motion carried.

Aye: Ronning, Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

  • List of “Bills to be Paid” is found at the end of this report.

Reimbursement to the General Fund:

Major Street 4/01/2015-4/30/2015   $42.00

Minor Street 4/01/2015-4/30/2015 $11.00

Park Fund 4/01/2015-4/30/2015 $678.00

Water Fund _ 4/01/2015-4/30/2015 $220.00

Total to transfer to General Fund=$951.00



  • No report


  • Tree removal bid from Mark Thompson – $6,000

Motion was made to accept the estimate bid from Mark Thompson to cut down and remove trees & stumps, Ronning moved, Bass seconded, motion carried.

Aye: Ronning, Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None


  • Cleaning out storm drains.  Bid by TARA $2,000
  • Large pot hole on Virginia and other streets, waiting for warmer weather.


  • Village office is working on the first 19 items required by USDA for Water Project.
  • Jeff Bair updated on Bear Lake school property to purchase for the water well project.  An official letter was sent to Bear Lake Schools to purchase the land.  Waiting to hear back from them.
  • Water Review Board Bylaws were presented by Jeff Bair for review. Denise Hubble from Hubbles’s Restaurant will be the village resident on the board.

Motion to accept bylaws for Water review Board pending approval by the Michigan Municipal League.  Ronning moved, Gee seconded, motion carried.

Aye: Ronning, Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Bylaws are placed on file in 2016 Minutes binder.

Discussion was held on applying “Past due water Charges’ to property owner tax bills.

Motion was made to apply past due water charges to property tax bills. Bass moved, Johnson seconded, motion carried.

Aye: Ronning, Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Equipment: No report

Sidewalks: No report

Museum:  Pauline Jaquish reported

  • Contractor has run into difficulties.  Leak in bathroom, trying to repair.
  • Replaced two (2) windows.  Electric in attic needed work before inspection could take place.
  • Steeple still needs work.  Jeff Harthun will paint exterior trim of the building.
  • Wheelchair accessibility ramp & door. Approx. $4K to make code.
  • Museum group would like to hold a benefit yard sale in the village hall parking lot on 3rd Saturday in August. Granted.
  • Jeff Bair recommended village be responsible for the cost with electrical wiring in the ceiling and two (2) window replacements.  Discussion was held.

Motion was made for the village to cover the cost of the electrical and two (2) window replacements for the museum, moved by Johnson, seconded by Bass.  Bills to be presented to the board for above items.

Aye: Ronning, Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Blight/CABA: Jackie Johnson reported

  • Date for Blight Committee on April 25, 2016 had to be cancelled.  Will plan meeting for next week.

Planning Commission: Barb Farfsing reported

  • DNR has approved funding money.  Plan to get approval and move forward with Bear Lake Township on canoe & kayak launch.
  • Ideas: putting USA flags in flower pots in downtown area and on the deck for Memorial Day & 4th of July.
  • McPherson spoke on PlacePOPs through the Michigan Municipal League.  Community meeting in July with PlacePOP’s representative.  More information to come.

Ad Hoc Committee:

  • Policy, Resolution and Ordinance Review Committee
  • McPherson reported – gathering all policies, resolution & ordinances she can find. Copies will be made and sent to committee members for review.


  • Spicer Group – no representation from this group.  Jeff Bair reported we  are still moving forward with them.
  • Fence – water tower road

Jeff Bair was able to get fencing for $25 from Lawrence Richmond and Gary Riewe will install fencing, $500 deposit for labor cost not to exceed $1,000.

  • Village Office computer purchase & upgrade.  Treasurer’s computer needs to be replaced.  Received Two (2) quotes, Staples and Inacomp.

Motion was made not to exceed $600 for computer replacement with Inacomp. Bass moved, Ronning seconded, motion carried.

Aye: Ronning, Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None


  • A Resolution was made to adopt amended millage rate of 10.5363.  Bass moved, Ronning seconded.  Resolution and amend millage declared adopted.

Aye: Ronning, Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

  • Discussion on a community clean-up day for the Village of Bear Lake.  Motion was made to hold the Community Clean-up Day on June 25th 2016.  The village will provide a dumpster in back of village offices.  Cost not to exceed $700, hoping the Bear Lake Promoters will donate money toward dumpster.  Gee moved, Bass seconded, motion carried.

Aye: Ronning, Johnson, Edwards, Bass, Gee, Bair

Nay: None

Pauline Jaquish stated this would go with Help to Flight Blight in Bear Lake, sponsored by the Bear Lake Promoters.

  • Sewer – Jeff Bair reported that he was invited to meet with AES and tribal representatives from The Little River Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians and other surrounding communities to discuss possible sewer partnerships with LRBOCI.  No decisions were made.
  • Grant Applications have gone in for the plow truck & maintenance building, update by Jeff Bair.
  • Two (2) new employees were hire for general maintenance work.  Gary McBride JR. and Lane Lee.  Duties will include but not limited to general maintenance 25-30 hours a week.  Alternate cleaning the park every other weekend.


  • The museum group will have a tent for donations at Bear Lake Days – Pauline Jaquish
  • Suggestions of dunk tank or pie contest for donations at Bear Lake Days – Lee Vision


Upcoming Events and Announcements:

  • Bear Lake Promoters After Hours meeting, May 25, 2016 at Bear Lake B&B. All welcome to attend.
  • Community Dinner at Bear Lake United Methodist Church on Thursday.

Meeting adjourned at 8:28pm

Respectfully Submitted, 

Cindi McPherson, Village Clerk

Bills to be paid – April 20, 2016

Blarney Castle Oil Co. – Fuel Oil $1,055.42 Park Fund

McBride Septic System & Excavating, LLC $4,725.00 $5,285.80 Park Fund

Lark Lawn & Garden, Inc. $341.29 Park Fund

Pleasanton Valley Greenhouse – Plants at village hall $399.74 General Fund

Inacomp Computer Center – treasurer computer cleanup $90.00 General Fund

Bear Lake Ace Hardware – village office $23.98 General Fund

Mark Thompson Tree & Stump, village brush removal $212.50 General Fund

Michigan Municipal League- Worker’s comp $3,035.00 General Fund

Auto Wares Group/Auto Value $9.74 Major Fund

McBride Septic System & Excavating, LLC $560.80 Water Fund

Mead & Hunt $965.50 Water Fund

Bear Lake Ace Hardware $92.69 ¼ Water Fund

$278.05 ¾ Park Fund

West Coast Farm Service – dump truck repair $511.50 ½ Major Fund

$511.50 ½ Minor Fund

Bittner/Jennings Attorneys – Water, Plan Comm. park (marina) $31.63 General Fund

$149.50 Park Fund

$634.73 Water Fund

Gabridge & Company – 2015/2016 Audit part payment $2,550.00

  • To be split between account funds


Lawrence Richmond – fence along water tower road $25.00 General Fund

Gary Reevie – partial payment to install fence, $1,000 limit $500.00 General Fund