Village of Bear Lake meets tomorrow April 20.

A request filed via FOIA to receive the Special Meeting Minutes from March 18 has not thus far received a response.

The following documents were received.

FOIA request response letter April 13, 2016 Bear Lake – Water LOC Bear Lake Water

“Good morning,

we understand that the USDA Special Meeting Minutes have been posted at the Post Office. We request an electronic copy under the terms of our standing FOIA.
In addition please accept this as a formal request to be notified of all future Special Meetings within the legal notification period by email as is permitted under the Open Meetings Act.
We applaud the addition of a new Home Page for the Village Web site as the primary place for delivering notice of Special Meetings – we respectfully suggest the addition of a TXT or email broadcast sign up button.
We also request you forward by email electronic copies of the following public documents related to the proposed water system upgrade:
1. Electronic copies of the packet listed in your response “The meeting was on Friday, March 18, 2016.  A USDA representative delivered papers to began the loan/grant process for the new village water system.  The packet was sent to the village attorney for review.  A representative from Fleis and Vander Brink was present.”
2. Electronic copies of the Engineering Report as attached to the original formal USDA application for funding in order for residents to review the scope and timeline for this project.
3. Electronic copies of the financial feasibility reports submitted as a component of that USDA application for funding.
As PDF public documents please so as to enable your response within a matter of minutes. If you prefer to post these documents to GoogleDrive for us, and other residents, to access that would be acceptable. Should the Village not be able to provide these documents please let us know so we can request them from USDA.
Your assistance is appreciated. As previously communicated none of us is able to physically access the Village Hall to receive notices of meetings or appear in person to review materials.”
And a prior received document:

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