DRAFT January 20, 2016 Village of Bear Lake Minutes

The following DRAFT minutes were received today from the Village Clerk.

Village of Bear Lake Council


January 20, 2016

Bear Lake Village Hall 


Pledge of Allegiance – said by all.

The Regular Meeting of the Bear Lake Village Council was called to order by President Jeff Bair at 7:00 p.m. at the Bear Lake Village Hall.

Present: President: Jeff Bair Council: Ron Ronning, Carver Edwards, Don Hyrns, Peggy Bass, Jackie Johnson, Janene Gee, Deputy Treasurer: Sally King, Clerk: Cindi McPherson Staff: Jared Bair.

Absent: None

Guests: Greg McPherson, Pauline Jaquish, and John Prokes, Todd Merrill, Christopher Gomez and Joshua Feyers.

Motion by Ronning seconded by Johnson to accept the January 20, 2016 Agenda. Motion carried.

Public Comment: Jaquish reported on Sparkle in the Park.

Correspondence: Letter from Manistee County community foundation was read, Grant approval reward of $1,000 for Village of Bear Lake / Bear Lake High School storm drain project.

Regular Meeting Minutes for December 16, 2016 Motioned by Bass, seconded by Hyrns to accept the minutes. Motion Carried.

Maintenance Personnel Report: Jared Bair

* Park Report, Water Report, General Report and Equipment Report

  • Report on file.

Treasurer’s Report: Read and on file

Motion by Johnson, seconded by Bass to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried.


Building Fund $0

Equipment Fund $3,627.

Minor Street Fund $19,726.99

Major Street Fund $31,152.59

Park Fund $22,438.18

Water Fund $6,835.11

Museum Fund $0

General Fund $54,553.05

CD – Honor Bank $32,698.82

MMA $10,024.46 (Formerly Huntington Account)

Savings – Honor Bank $25,978.46

Bills to be paid – motion by Ronning, seconded by Gee, motion carried.

  • List of Bills to be Paid can be found at the end of the minutes

Reimbursement to the General Fund:

Major Street 11/01/2015-11/30/2015 $0

Minor Street 11/01/2015-11/30/2015 $0

Park Fund 11/01/2015-11/30/2015 $901.50

Water Fund 11/01/2015-11/30/2015 $214.50

Total to transfer to General Fund=$1,116.00



* A presentation was given by Bear Lake High School teacher & students for the Storm Discharge System they will be designing and building for Hopkins Parks.  Presentation on file.

* Bathrooms almost ready for spring opening

* Job posting for part-time park manager – no inquiries at this time.

  • Jeff will continue to monitor park phone for reservations, a few reservations received


Thompson’s Tree Removal Company was purchased by owner’s son.  Hope we will be able to continue business with him.


Good job on snow removal.


* New pick-up truck doing a good job.

  • Jeff is looking for an architect to design a building for tucks & tractor storage.


  • Work to begin in Spring due to weather.


Report by Jaquish – Contractor to start in Spring 2016.

Planning Commission:

No meeting/no report

Old Business:

* Village Council Committees were updated

  • Park Lease:  Bair reported a payment of $1000 was received from the marina’s owner on the lease/easement agreement in December 2015 but the check was NFS from the bank.  $720 is due yearly. Bair recommended the village lawyer moves forward on having renter remove his items from the village property.
  • A motion was made by Ronning, seconded by Bass to have the village lawyer move forward with action. Motion carried.

New Business:

* Date for Village budget meeting will be Thursday, February 11, 2016 at 6:30pm at the Village Hall of Bear Lake

* Price increase for RED village trash bags to $23.00.  Reflecting increase from trash removal company

* A resolution was made by Johnson, seconded by Gee to appoint the current Village Clerk to Street Administrator. Accepted by all members

* A motion was made by Ronning, seconded by Johnson to appoint the Deputy Treasurer to Treasurer till the end of current term.  Motion carried.

  • A motion by Bass, seconded by Gee to make Johnson President pro tempore for 2016.  Motion carried.

Public Comment:

McPherson wanted clarification on marina property/lease.

Council Members:

Village Treasurer’s office hours: Monday 2pm -6pm, Wednesday and Thursday 10am -1pm

Upcoming Events and Announcements:

* Community Dinner at Bear Lake United Methodist Church on Thursday 1/21/16, 5p – 6:30p

  • Home boys basketball game and recognition of Bear Lake High Boys Cross Country Team State award

Meeting adjourned at 8:15p

Respectfully Submitted, 

Cindi McPherson, Village Clerk

Bills to be paid – January 20, 2016

Staples: office supplies $511.21 General Fund

Crystal Lock & Supply: Locks for Village Hall $135 + 258 = $393.0 General

Bear Lake Vehicle Service Center: maint for tractor $85.00 Major Street Fund

Bear Lake Vehicle Service Center: Door latch $79.52 Major

Bear Lake Vehicle Service Center: repair strobe light $96.43 Major

Bear Lake Vehicle Service Center: blades, strobe light & connect $421.80 Major

Absolute Safety: drug test – Jared $25 Major

Absolute Safety: drug test – Jeremy  & Bryson $50 Major

OMS Compliance Services: pre-employment drug test – Jeremy $77.50 Major

OMS Compliance Services: pre-employment drug test – Bryson $77.50 Major

OMS Compliance Services: pre-employment drug test – Jared    $77.50 Major

Michigan Pipe & Value $1,792.80 Water Fund

McBride Systems $415.00 Water

USA Blue Book: Eye wash station $191.61 Water

Mead & Hunt: water system oversight/sampling $1,357.30 Water

Mead & Hunt: CCC program $240.00 Water

American Water Works Association (Gary McBride, membership) $75.00 Water

Reimbursement to Jared Bair – Light Bar for new truck $281.50 Park Fund

Bear Lake Ace Hardware $549.50 Park

Bittner/Jennings Attorneys $229.43 Park

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