Village of Bear Lake – Approved December 2015 Minutes

The following Minutes were supplied by the Village Clerk today (01/18/16). and approved at the January 20 meeting with no corrections.

Village of Bear Lake Council  REGULAR MEETING  December 16, 2015

Bear Lake Village Hall 


Pledge of Allegiance – said by all.

The Regular Meeting of the Bear Lake Village Council was called to order by President Jeff Bair at 7:00 p.m. at the Bear Lake Village Hall.

Present: President: Jeff Bair Council: Ron Ronning, Carver Edwards, Don Hyrns, Peggy Bass, Jackie Johnson, Janene Gee, Treasurer: Alice Howe, Clerk: Cindi McPherson Staff: Jared Bair.

Absent: None

Guests: Sally King, Greg McPherson, Pauline Jaquish, and Donna Ronning

Motion by Johnson seconded by Bass to accept the December 16, 2015 Agenda. Motion carried.

Public Comment: Jaquish reported on Sparkle in the Park.

Regular Meeting Minutes for October 21, 2015 Motioned by Ronning Seconded by Bass to accept the minutes with correction. Motion Carried.

Maintenance Personnel Report: Jared Bair

 Park Report, Water Report, General Report and Equipment Report

 Report will be found in December 2015 Minutes folder.

Treasurer’s Report: Read and on file

Motion by Bass seconded by Ronning to accept the Treasurer’s Report. Motion carried.


  • Building Fund      0  
  • Equipment Fund  3,627.68 
  • Minor Street Fund   19,776.83
  • Major Street Fund      32,044.86
  • Park Fund   26,922.54
  • Water Fund   9,951.63
  • Museum Fund      0
  • General Fund    63,959.22
  • CD – Honor Bank   32,651.07
  • MMA     10,023.96 (Formerly Huntington Account)
  • Savings – Honor Bank  25,968.22

Bills to be paid – motion by Bass, seconded by Johnson, motion carried. 

List of Bills to be Paid can be found at the end of the minutes

Reimbursement to the General Fund:

Major Street 11/01/2015-11/30/2015 = $104.50
Minor Street 11/01/2015-11/30/2015 =$52.50
Park Fund 11/01/2015-11/30/2015 =$919.00
Water Fund 11/01/2015-11/30/2015 =$543.50
Total to transfer to General Fund=$1,619.00



  • Jeff reported a payment of $1000 was received from the marina’s owner on the lease/easement agreement. They will continue to pay $1000 a month until paid off.  $720 is due yearly.
  • Job posting for part-time park manager – no inquiries at this time.
  • Jeff will monitor park phone for reservations in January

Trees – No Report

Streets – No Report

Water –

  • Same as October meeting; village is approved for grant, waiting for monies from next year’s budget from grant.
  • DEQ meeting – report was good.


The village pick-up truck has new tires


Work to begin in Spring due to weather.


  • Report by Jaquish – Contractor to start in Spring 2016.
  • Hope to open for Bear Lake Days 2016
  • Attorney not in favor of 35 year lease but will do one.
  • A motion was made by Ronning and seconded by Johnson to go with a 35 year lease.  All in favor.
  • Old museum blank checks from past checking account will be destroyed.
  • Motion was made by Ronning, seconded by Johnson to go ahead with 35 year lease for the museum.  All in favor.


  • The old Phillips gas station is waiting for permits before it can be torn down.
  • Update on blight buildings/permits/purchases.

Planning Commission:

AES meeting at Crystal Mountain to attract new business & employees.  Jeff Bair will attend & open to council members


  • Bair read resignation letter from Alice Howe, village treasurer, effective December 31, 2015.
  • Two white small banquet tables will be purchase from Howe for $20 & used in village hall for public information.
  • 2016 Village Council Meetings dates, motion by Bass, seconded by Gee. Approved, all in favor.
  • A copy of the public comments from the AES November meeting was presented.
  • A motion was made by Johnson and seconded by Hyrns to destroy audio tapes of meeting after minutes have been approved.  The council may at it’s option & upon motion/approval of Village Council direct clerk to maintain tapes for a different period of time.
  • Johnson made a motion to accept Bear Lake Village and Bear Lake Township Joint Resolution. Seconded by Hyrns.  All in favor
  • A motion was made by Hyrns to purchase a plow pick-up truck from the village of Mesick for use of small plow jobs in the village. Up to $3000, funds will come out of Park Funds. Seconded by Johnson.  All in favor.
  • MDOT Road money was reported on by Bair
  • It was approved to get a drop box for the village hall.
  • Motion was made by Johnson to give a holiday bonus to Jared Bair($200) and Waller($100) and $500 to Michelle Mortenson for her consulting work with the new village clerk.  Bair/Waller out of Park Fund and Mortenson from General Fund.  Seconded by Bass.  All in favor.


  • A motion was made by Ronning to offer health insurance to Jared Bair, Village Maintenance employee.  Seconded by Gee.  Bair accepted.
  • The 2015 Manistee County Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan was adopted. Motion made by Johnson and seconded by Ronning.  All in favor.  Tabled from last month
  • Marina Lease, Jeff Bair will have attorney draw up a promissory note to be signed by Marina business owner for remaining part of balance due.  Monies received go to Park Fund.



Upcoming Events and Announcements:

  • Community Dinner at Bear Lake United Methodist Church on Thursday 12/17/15, 5p – 6:30p
  • 1st Varsity Bear Lake Basketball game 12/17/15

Meeting adjourned at 8:30p

Respectfully Submitted, 

Cindi McPherson, Village Clerk

Bills to be paid – November 18, 2015

  • Absolute Safety – $278.35 Safety Equipment – General Fund
  • Bear Lake Ace Hardware – $370.09 – General Fund
  • Personal Plumbing – $50.00 unstick zone valve – General Fund
  • Michigan Department of Eviro Quaility (DEQ)- $598.63 (due yearly) Water Fund
  • Elmer’s $88.13 finance late charge – Water Fund
  • Blarney Castle BL Vehicle Service Center – $2,292.37 Repair dump truck- Major Street
  • Auto Value – $21.18, $7.82 & $24.69 Major Fund
  • Brown & Son’s -$50.94  Topsoil – General Fund
  • IRS – $380.48  June payment – General Fund
  • Bear Lake Improvement Board – $441.00  Milfoil – Park Fund
  • McBride Septic System – $2,380.00- replace curb stop & leak shut –Water Fund
  • Haviland Products Co. – $430.50  Bleach – Water Fund
  • Mead & Hunt – $980.70 Sampling – Water Fund
  • Staples – $199.99 Quick Books Pro 20 – General Fund
  • Republic Services – $188.88 General Fund
  • Thompson Tree Removal $100  General Fund
  • Michigan Association of Municipal Clerks -$60.00  Village Clerk membership to MML – General Fund

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