2 thoughts on “Village of Bear Lake meets 7pm December 16

  1. How can I find out more about what exactly the issue is with the land rented by the marina and exactly what the communication has been between the Village President and a real estate person about the Variety Store and Huntington Bank properties? The minutes do not reflect sufficient info to know what is going on with regard to these two issues. Thanks Jeanne Walsh

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    1. Unfortunately the Village seems to be having problems getting its web site bearlakemichigan.org up and running and none of their PDFs are routing correctly. The purpose of this web site is to be of service to those who need a text version, low graphics, fast loading, particularly for mobile devices.
      A request was made to listen to, and copy to MP3, the audio tapes from the September, October and November meetings but as there isn’t a backup copy of them it would entail physically going to the Office – impossible for the disabled person who would have been willing to make those copies.
      How much information to include in Minutes is always at the discretion of the municipality which makes it impossible for those who for one reason or another can’t physically get to meetings to know what’s actually happening.
      One way to fully engage residents is to switch from an archaic tape player to a MP3 recorder and simply post the meeting audio to GoogleDrive. The Clerk has a Gmail address as does the President so both have access to https://www.google.com/drive/ with 15GB of storage space for each account. Files there can either be public or private. A great way to keep residents engaged and informed.

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